Gala Stories: Part 1

I know this has appeared in other articles but this game is really great. Though with the clothing selection and some select situations, this game seems best suited for the 18+ crowd.

Relatively easy and straight forward. You progress through the game by completing tasks, winning Show Downs and  running you boutique (available at Lvl 25). There are research tasks to help boost your experience as well as help you gain more from your hard work.

Research can last anywhere from five minutes to 3 days; well worth the rewards once complete. There's really no need to rush with the research since they don't hinder your game progress. The same goes for those Couture Show Downs (equivalent of Bosses).

It may be tempting at times to use your diamonds to speed up the process. From experience, it really is a good idea to just wait patiently till the competition finishes. The results will be the same either way.

Diamonds can be used to purchase additional Mojo (energy) but I have recently found myself saving them up for purchasing fashion items; the high end ones. There is haste available that can speed up things and they can be found within city spawns; those gem looking things in town. Clicking on them can bring rewards ranging from the above mentioned haste (vase looking objects) to coins.

There are two types of showdowns: Standard and Couture. Standard showdowns are matches where you can walk around town and showdown the competition (the girls walking about with green talk balloons over their head) on your own. When I first started playing, the determinant of your character winning was based on Popularity Points.

After the update some things changed; part bad and part good. With the changes came the new showdown system. This time, instead of wins being based on Popularity Points they are based on character level.

Meaning if your character is Level 52 and your opponent is Level 55, chances are high that you won't win the showdown. Going up against opponents that are on the same level as you can be 50/50 at times; its pretty much hit or miss. Couture Showdowns are like boss battles and require some additional help.

You can ask fellow players for assistance or wait for your in-game assistant to come and help you; she shows up every four hours. Depending on where you are in the game, bosses can be under lock until certain quests become available. When you defeat a boss an x-amount of times you are presented with a bonus in the form of clothing and or accessories that you can claim; getting free items is one of my favorite features in the game.
My avatar wearing one of the latest releases posing against a loft backdrop.

The available fashions within the game range from covering a lot to covering very little; hence the target market. There was review some time back criticizing the fashions as being too provocative; however, it was discovered from personal experience that this is far from the truth. True there are fashions that show a lot but those fashions are optional and are usually the more expensive of the items.

From personal experimentation, an outfit that showed little skin but was fashionable. The bonus on a lot of these stores is the fact that when you discover their clothing (doable by clicking on the clothes hanger icons) you are granted with a bonus of earning a free clothing item from that store. That is when all store items are discovered; you can discover items every 4 hours.

You can purchase clothes by use of Coins, Diamonds, Fashion Points and even Stock. Stock is reference to items in your boutique. Stock is utilized to increase the earnings of items in your boutique which can be claimed as your own once they are stocked to a certain level; from as low as Level 10 to as high as Level 20 and up.

There are events along the lines of Social and Weekly Offers. Plus side: you can get assistance with Social Offers from players of the game - you send requests and they'll send you the items you need.


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