Gala Stories: Part 2

New Additions
The basic cities that were available when I first signed on to the game are still there in all their wonderment. Recently, some new locations have been added along with some new fashions. There is currently an Agenda Challenge, as I call it, where you complete certain criteria for promising rewards.

Like items for your closet. So far, I have earned several new outfits for my closet with the latest earned item being an Oriental aqua robe trimmed in fuchsia. Am currently working toward getting this pretty red dress trimmed in black.

Likable Moments
Usually when it comes to games that are geared toward females the developers tend to make it a little too girly by including the typical 'damsel in distress' scenarios. With this particular game, it seems to be the exact opposite. There are moments when certain things need to get done but would normally be seen as something that is meant for a guy to do.

I've only been playing for a while now so this is a biggie for me. When I first started playing my character was assigned to build items their display stand for a Fashion Expo. Rather than another character doing the work, my character had to do the work themselves.

Later on in the gameplay, they had to visit a hardware store to get materials to do home repairs. Rather than just giving  the information that was needed, the instructor gave a lesson and then my character had to prove that they retained all that was taught by way of successfully completing tasks in the hardware store.

Results: My character was sent to repair a vintage oven door at the local bakery, repair as well as build a salon chain in addition to doing restoration work in a house. These kinds of things intrigue me because you don't come across them often in games geared toward girls.

This is the home that I renovated some time after arriving in town. The curtains, furniture and mirrors were done by me. A newly made friend took care of the flooring and the wall panels.

Seasonal Quests/Missions
Wasn't sure what all the hoopla was about till I logged in one December afternoon. Apparently around this time of year a seasonal quest/location opens up called Santa's Village; there's also a special location for the month of October. You are given a series of tasks to complete that you can complete at your leisure but not too leisurely.

I can see why the Help button  is always present on the mission dialogue box. You can make a couple or several trips back to the game if you choose to leave to do something else till your Fashion Mojo recovers. I got through several missions till the Mojo ran out.

Went shopping to pass the time then went back at it. The beauty of this location is quaint especially since its covered in snow. Can't wait to get to the point where I can actually shop at the stores that are located here.

Unfortunately they are tied to quests so you'll have to wait to do some shopping at that location. Nonetheless, its worth the wait. Currently I'm back at Zaigon after successfully completing one of the Agenda Challenges successfully.

Finally have reached a point where the stores became available for me to do some exploring and shopping.


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