What can be said about Halo?

Even though I have yet to play I have read some of the books, browsed the encyclopedia, seen the gameplay and have heard lots of promising reviews from other gamers. The story line is sure to lure in players as you progress through the Halo Universe completing tasks as well as surviving close encounters with the enemy and other troubling situations. As you play through the game, you will obtain a variety of objects that will assist you in your journey.

The mechanics of the game are said to be pretty straight forward but does, at times, become a little unresponsive in select situations; not always but does occur with some players. You can play the game solo or with friends. Currently, Halo can only be played via console (the new installments) and not PC for some strange reason; which doesn't make sense due to the issue in question also having the ability to effect consoles as well; just an opinion really.

After E3 2013 I felt I should at least give the Press Conferences a try. So E3 2014 came and I hunkered down to watch the Press Conferences live. During Microsoft's time slot, it was unveiled that a new addition to the Halo family will be arriving some time during the year 2015; or at least that was my understanding.

As a lead up, a game serial (if I'm using that correctly) will be released called The Master Chief Collection which houses all of the core Halo games from Combat Evolve to Series 4. As an added bonus, and for a limited amount of time, fans were granted access to the beta version of the up coming installment Halo 5: The Guardians. If the preview movie did anything at all, it left many in a state of anticipation.

There were even some commenters on YouTube that said they got chills while watching the video clip. It was a pretty awesome cinematic piece especially toward the end.


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