IMVU is a nice game for 18+ girls due in part to the extensive fashions available and the number of friends they can make on the site. Upon getting an account and selection an avatar, you're given a loft/room to spruce up. You purchase items and fashions with points (in-game currency) which can be earned and or purchased.

I earned majority of my points from watching videos and some select opportunities. One of my favorite points activities was the product review; earn points from reviewing IMVU products. In order to do this, you will need to have the IMVU viewer downloaded.

Pic of my avatar on balcony.

You can earn points from taking care of a pet however; I have found this to be a bit of an issue since the points earned aren't significant enough to qualify as an actual earning. Aside from the fashions there is content that is considered suggestive so it isn't for the kiddies. Another bonus is the ability to create content for the site; however, you have to be in a particular category (aka VIP).

Both boys and girls play and there are a variety of activities to engage in once signed on. Gameplay is simple and to the point however you need to make sure your computer can handle the graphics for seamless, uninterrupted game play. Avatars can be customized and depending on your graphics skill, you can go all out with making your avatar unique.


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