Jak X: Combat Racing

Here's a little throw back for you.

Some years ago I received a mailing that contained a demo disc of games that were due to release during the holiday season. It was like a little thank you gift for being a member of the Underground (as I still call it) and acted as a prompt to encourage future purchases. The demo disc featured samplings of games there were due for release to the PS2 console.

I sampled a little bit of every demo present along with viewed demo movies. Of the demos Soul Calibur 3, Jak X and Shadow of the Colossus were hard to forget. Of the movies, Tekken 5 was memorable.

That said, they were pretty intriguing games of which the demos did the end products justice. Jak X was the first PS2 game I picked up two years later followed by SC3.

Such an engaging game with female characters that, thankfully, didn't fit the typical damsel mold. There's a nice variety of vehicles to choose from along with a multitude of ways to customize each and every one. The game was filled with colorful characters along with an amazing soundtrack.

Was a bit disappointed when one of the tracks from the demo didn't make the final cut for the game. Don't know the name but do remember how it stood out from the others. The best way to describe it is a mellow beat with claps and a guitar break.


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