The Sims 3

This may bring about some confusion but this game is quite ideal for individuals, including girls, about the age of 18. The rating pretty much says it all. Things may feel limited at first, but there is much to be had from the game by way of the Exchange (online store) as well as Expansion Packs.

One of my characters I created some time ago who happens to be quite
successful in Real Estate, Gardening, Fishing and Book Writing.

The main objective of the game is to achieve your lifetime goal which can be what ever you want. You can earn money (Simoleons) from working at jobs, writing books, winning contests/competitions, completing side tasks and helping Sims around town. You can commute from Point A to B by manual transportation or via motor vehicle.

Compared to its predecessors, the world of Sims 3 is open. This means you're not limited to the lot your home is on. For me this was a welcomed sight since I like to explore.

There are pros and cons to gameplay but the gameplay overall is intriguing. Some players have created mods so their sims can look more appealing. Since the reveal of the Sims 4 in the newsletter some players were concerned about the hype and if #4 will live up to #3.

Well, thanks to the EA's press conference during E3 2014, the new comer looks pretty promising.


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