World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is basically a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game where players create their characters and play through an expansive online world filled with adventure, puzzles, tactics and more.

There are a variety of characters from different backgrounds to choose from. As with games of this nature, you have to build up your characters abilities so they can level up. You ca start off playing or free but with limited access to select features of the game. Subscriptions start at 14.99USD per month.

Based on what other players have said along with research, gameplay is relatively straight forward and user friendly. A lot of players start off with the standard pack or world.

From the starter world of Azeroth, you can expand your gameplay by way of expansion packs that contain a variety of content along with new lands and characters to explore as well as discover. It is possible to interact with other players online so you can do co-ops and help the other out.

There are a variety of species to choose from to create your custom character. You can have a single specialty/skill or a wide range of abilities. There are special items and weapons that can be used to help give you a leg up during tough encounters.

There's in-game currency that can be utilized for purchases of various items within the game. There are tasks that offer rewards once completed which usually include XP and currency; bonuses may apply.


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