City Girl Life

Formerly known as Disney City Girl.

A company by the name of Rock You took over production of the game and gave it a much needed overhaul. Your character is the focal point of gameplay as she finds her way through the big city trying to make a good name for herself.

This game is located on Facebook and is accessible at [facebook dot com slash city girl life game]. Top three favorite features: easy to customize female avatar (no playable male avies), different apartments as well as careers. Apartment buying use to be a pain but thanks to an update, you can now purchase them directly without buying every one in between.

There are loads of things that take place within the game that include but aren't limited to: dramatic encounters with friends on certain dates within the year, timed missions, career missions, daily missions, never ending missions, shopping, redecorating, visiting and helping friends. The careers available are very intriguing and increase in difficulty as you progress through the ranks. Each career requires specific skills which are built up using items and or furniture.

Despite some issues here and there in regard to some players inability to occupy themselves in-game, its still one for the books.

Gaming Advice: 
Save up Glam and gold because you never know when something amazing will surface that you really want to have for your avie and or home. If you want to collect gold, complete timed missions up to Step 7; completing Step 7 will gift 3-gold.

Like the end prize of the mission? Feel free to go to the goal. Also be mindful of the fact that you do have neighbors that will need to complete tasks at your place so be sure to have the essentials present; like frige, stove, television, radio and karaoke machine.

Also, visit their forum section. There are lots of players that love helping others have a better if not decent gaming experience.


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