My first intro to the game was through the first installment which pretty much focused on the theme of farming. There were a variety of crops and trees to grow. Plots were used to plant crop which had several different maturity times.

Trees were and still are my favorite crop because they keep growing and don't spoil. That and the grooves you house them in are quite decorative. This was the main go to for farming till the second installment came along.

Farmville 2 eventually took over as a favorite because the crop choices were small and easy to manage. From a few seconds to a couple of days was the time frame for a plant to mature. However one the differences here when compared to the first is the added step in the planting process: watering.

The series as a whole is very entertaining yet there are times when it may come off as actual work due to the need of checking on things every once in a while to visiting friends' farms to feed their livestock. I still have a soft spot for the first because it's simple and to the point. The second was fun for a while till they added features that was disliked; by me and a plausible handful of players.

There's also a third that seems to be catching wind in its sail, as my sister can attest, and that's playable on smartphone devices: Country Escape. Based on observation, the gameplay is just as addicting as the Facebook counterparts.


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