Soul Calibur 3: PlayStation 2

The first introduction to the game was back in 2005 when the gift of a Holiday Demo disco was received in the mail featuring a playable demo of this particular installment. Demo gameplay left a lasting impression, so a quest was launched to purchase the game itself. What was discovered?

A Trip Down Memory Lane
My first introduction to the Soul Series was on the PlayStation with the game Soul Blade which focused on the sword Soul Edge. All of the characters present here, made memorable appearances in SC3; some appeared as bonus characters. In addition to the classic characters, there was  the introduction of the new: Tira, Setsuka and Zasalamel.

A bonus here, for myself, was seeing a mode where you could create your very own character. This feature alone kept me occupied during the bulk of gameplay especially when new features were unlocked. Then came the Chronicles of the Sword Mode which really got my attention.

This is where you could play lead with your custom character as you go on a journey to discover new locations and uncover secret plots against various groups. As you progress through gameplay, you'll earn new disciplines, unlock special content along with new weapons for all characters.

 If you haven't experienced this installment yet, you really ought to. I played this on the PS2 but there is also a version for the PC; or at least I think there is since I came across a pic featuring the PC version of the game.

Bonus Characters
Some of the bonus characters are re-created characters from past installments. The rest will be from Chronicles of the Sword mode and possibly the Tales of Sword mode.

It also has a lovely soundtrack to accompany the characters and stages. The opening movie is pretty cool. Enjoy!


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