Yoshi's Island: Super NES

Whose up for a throwback?

I first played this game on the Super NES back when the console was really popular. Its still popular today and still working. This is one of those games that can relax you when you're having a hard day and even help you blow off some steam during hectic weeks.

The baby kept getting floating away whenever you tapped a baddy but that was the least of your worries. Playing on levels where you couldn't see far in advance was a pain. Even though this game is considered a classic, Nintendo was kind enough to bring it back as an installment for their next gen portable gaming devices.

The mechanics of the game
Yoshi's Island is just like the other Super Mario Bros installments: its a side scrolling platform game. Your goal is to make it from Point A to Point B intact. For each stage you must collect: 30 stars, 20 coins and 5 flowers (worth 10 points each).

Collecting all of these items will give you a score of 100. Do this for all levels within a particular map and you will get a bonus level along with a bonus game of which you will earn essential emergency items; like extra eggs, extra life, special melons, etc.

Sure this isn't a complex nor hardcore game but will make for a nice break from the other games played throughout the week.


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