Killer Instinct

The first this game was ever played by myself was on the Super NES console. I could hardly beat the game even on the easiest difficulty. That was the first Killer Instinct installment.

Despite not being a very good player, Combo Breaker came a bit easy with select characters; namely Spinal and Thunder. Later on, I got a taste of the second installment via an arcade machine at the local skating rink titled Killer Instinct Gold. Outside of the arcade, it was played on a friend's N64 game console.

Some time between late July and early August of 2014, I wrote a compilation highlighting the soundtracks of the KI installments. The focus was placed on five tracks followed by five honorable mentions. Soundtracks from KI, KI Gold and KI 2013 were examined.

My main focus was on the opening theme. Of the three, the first is the most memorable. All have that baseline adrenaline rush music; however, the first is the only one with a surprise ending -- that's what I call it anyway.

*4:08 is where the shift comes in
Game Play
Game play is pretty straight forward for both Nintendo systems. Based on some reviews of KI 2013, game play is smooth for the most part. I had this tendency of studying the game manual while playing in practice mode.

Not sure why, but practice mode yielded very little results but once I started playing against the CPU the information was actually put to good use. As with any fighting game, I would test the waters by playing as all the characters and then settling on the ones that are a breeze to utilize; sort of. B Orchid, Jago, Spinal, Sabrewulf, Cinder and Thunder became my main go to charies.

Of the group Spinal and Thunder were the great accidental Combo Breaking Duo; don't ask how but while in mid attack I would always manage to pull off a CB without knowing how.

Overall Enjoyment
The background music. The music in the background was just amazing and -- outside the opening theme -- Orchid, Jago, Thunder, Cinder and Sabrewulf are top favorites since I enjoy all the tracks. Remember back when I mentioned that article I wrote analyzing the soundtracks of the installments and the Honorable Mentions?

Well the honorable mentions included one  (Cinder) from the first, two (Tusk and Kim Wu) from the second and two (Sadira and Jago) from 2013. Of the two from the 2013 installment, Sadira's theme stands out. It is difficult to explain but if you listen to it with headphones, you just may hear why.


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