Legend of Dragoon

This is one of the first RPGs I ever played on any console. My first introduction was through a video game demo disc for the PlayStation console. It was purchased during spring break and was one of two games I had to choose from.

The game, Legend of Dragoon, consisted of four discs. Each disc displayed one of the four main characters introduced on disc one: Dart, Shana, Lavitz and Rose. They aren't really main characters per se but the story does start off with them.

At the start of gameplay, you are playing as the character Dart who is just arriving back from his quest in search of this mysterious figure known as the Black Monster. Shortly after his arrival in town, he is sent on a mission to rescue his childhood friend Shana. With the assistance of a knight named Lavitz, the rescue is successful.

Game Play
Very simple and easy to grasp. Most answers to questions/problems can be located within dialogues found throughout the game. The dialogue between the sword master and Dart will assist you in combat especially in regards to dealing with counterattacks.

Chatting with the merchant in the forest will assist with elemental advantages and disadvantages during specific battle situations. Along the way, you will start to collect random items which are housed in your inventory. At a later time, majority of the useless looking items will be needed so exercise patience.

When it comes to fight matches, characters will make use of an additions system. The additions system is similar to a chain of attacks. All characters minus the archers (Shana and Miranda) make use of the system which starts off with single hits and goes up to multiples including counters.

Unfortunate Mishaps
During my game play infancy on my PSone, the game would often freeze at a certain point. That or my console was overheating and needed a break. When does this occur?

Before reaching a vital check point and after a big boss battle in which the game screen will not progress and you are forced to restart. This has yet to happen once I started playing again but this time on my PS2.

Wishlist Item
It would be nice if I could get a hold of the LoD soundtrack. The music themes and opening cinematic song are very memorable.

*theme song for Flower City and Furni


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