I am Fashion Star (beta)

This is a new FB (Facebook) game which falls into the categories of dress-up and career girls. Rather than visually going to work in a building, your character has set up shop in a studio where they are responsible for designing outfits that adhere to a specific style.

I've been playing for less than a week and find the game to be engaging in more ways than one. My character's level is at 4 and the XP (experience gain) is about to temporarily stall.

My Avatar. She greets me every time I sign in and is aware of the time when I sign on. Her outfit consists of a hat, dress, necklace and shoes from the Pop Art store, a canvas bag and gold bracelets the were free gifts.

The Game Play
As straight forward as it is, you may find the start a bit slow because there is an automatic tutorial you have to go through. After the tutorial is complete you are free to go about game play as you please. There are three types of stores: Fashion, Decor and Beauty.

New stores will unlock as you reach a particular level that is required to gain access; even when you gain access there will be items that will be purchasable after reaching a higher level. Your character, rather than living the existence of a mannequin - no pun intended - is quite social.

She greets every time you sign in with pleasantries and what she is looking forward to doing for the day. Another intriguing feature of the game is the ability to chat. Though not necessarily real time but you can utilize the chat icon to leave messages for your neighbor(s).

The gift system is a bit tricky and the developers have explained that the gifting of items is not real time; they have to manually go in and execute commands for the gifts to show up in each users inbox.

One of my mannequins that was successfully dressed in Varsity Style attire and won a color bonus; wearing a bonus color will boost your score by 10%.

The Missions
You access new missions via the phone icon at the top left of the game screen. At first, the missions were a breeze to go through. Unfortunately they aren't setup to show at the recommended levels for completing.

I have had a couple that required me to be of a certain level just to complete. They didn't state this requirement but you will see it as mandatory because the items you need will only be accessible if you're of a specified level. That said, its not impossible to complete the missions.

There is an option to spend gold coins to complete a task in advance so you won't have to visit the stated location. Its both good and bad but you can take it however you want. Even if you can't complete missions there is plenty to do by way of travel, designing outfits for the mannequins, shopping at the available stores, visiting neighbors as well as dressing up your character.

Still an interesting game that's worth a play through.

Side note:
There are players that are at high levels. The highest I've seen, based on the fan page posts, is Level 11.

I am Fashion Star


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