Ridge Racer Series

I first introduced the Ridge Racer series through a PSone installment called R4 [Ridge Racer Type 4]. It was a cool game for me since, at the time, I was playing Gran Turismo 2 and something from the Need for Speed series. The intro movie got my attention because the music was amazing and cinematic piece was intriguing.

Imagine walking down the road only to have the heel of your favorite shoe break. Thinking you'll never get to your destination you hear an approaching car and flag it down; with the speed you're surprised they stopped at all. They give you a lift and then you discover that they were actually in the middle of race of which they placed first.

Ridge Race Type 4
The gameplay was pretty amazing by my standards, haven't played many racing games at this point, and left a lasting impression. There were three racing companies and of the three Team Mappy and Pac Racing Company were my favorite. The race tracks were amazing, the music tracks were memorable and the cars were mind blowing.

Fast Forward
Ridge Racer has become an expansive racing game over the years. As always the racing is top notch and the music memorable. So much so that after viewing a pair of silver glitter shoes the track Disco Ball started to play in my head.

It doesn't matter which installment of the series you play as long as you give it a go.


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