Tekken Series

Like NFS any of the Tekken installments will do if you wish to get an intriguing gaming experience. When it comes to select fighting games, I usually find myself selecting and playing as just the girl characters. This series was very different.

My first intro was through Tekken 2 of which I actually started out playing as a girl character -- Jun Kazama to be exact. Afterwards, I gave the other characters a try. King, Lee, Nina and Anna, Michelle, Lei and Yoshimitsu became top favorites.

Tekken 3 introduced an enhanced fight engine of which made combo making a little easier; you pretty much have to know your character. Jun wasn't present but her son Jin was and since his combo line-up was similar to her's...well you get the idea. The new King was present and breeze to utilize along with Armour King.

I made use of all the characters in this installment which is interesting in itself. Tekken Tag brought an interesting feel to the series. The mini games held my attention during down time from actual game play.

Tekken 5 was the last installment I played to date. Thanks to the Holiday Demo Disc I received in the mail, I was able to get a sneak peek of the opening cinematic which was pretty fast pace. With this one, I played as all of the characters on a repeat basis rather than a couple of times.

Tekken Tag 2 is on waitlist at the moment but find the soundtrack rather nice and easy to listen to. Fontana di Trevi is one of my top favorite tracks from this installment followed by Heavenly/Fallen Garden.


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