Blossom Blast Saga

Great for all ages but especially great for the mature individual looking to calm their nerves after a tiresome shift. Only available for mobile play, this game boasts a lot of interactive levels with the same premise; complete all objectives with a minimum or higher score.

At first play, the game comes off as overly simple. However, as you progress through the various stages, your tune quickly changes. From simple to challenging, each level presents various ever changing obstacles that will leave much to be desired.

Can't tell you the number of times I had to redo levels because I either missed something that blended in too well or couldn't get the right combos at the right time. The real kicker? Having the ideal combo come into view only to have it taken away by auto freebies of the likes of hyper blooms blooming your much needed bonus fodder.

Don't get me wrong, its an outstanding game but there are times you would prefer the auto bonuses to not happen as often as they do/did. Then there are those levels with weeds, mega blossoms and glass that ruin any good gardeners day. The birds aren't too bad because they are helpful on select levels when it comes to getting blossoms to move in a desired direction.

Currently on Level 123, and have exhausted multiple lives to get past it. After checking for some assistance, it was discovered that the level was modified from its previous layout some time in the past. Out of moves again....

Any way this is a grand game to play just take care and try to plan out your moves in advance to help move things along at a speedier pace. It may or may not help but at least there are strategy sites up to help with the game as apparently there are quite a few folks having difficulties beside myself.


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