Farm Heroes Super Saga

A fairly recent game I just got into that's actually quite fun. Wasn't expecting much outside of what's been presented in the regular Farm Heroes game but was quickly corrected. There's a fun new cast of characters along with Rancid and his usual bag of mischief.

The Country Show portion is a nice little bonus however it pays to play on an ongoing basis. Why? Because your personal cropsie's growth is based on the scores you earn from each level.

The more 3-stars you get per gaming level, the faster your cropsie will grow. Since you can play on both your mobile and computer, it makes things a bit easier. Especially on days when you forget to charge your phone to its fullest.

What's Different
Like the original, you'll only get points for the designated cropsies you match. Bonus points are here as well. One of the top differences in this installment is that you can get bigger bonuses when you create SUPER cropsies.

At first this was difficult for me to grasp but lo and behold the answer was literally in my face the entire time. Its simple but easy to miss for those who are freshly transitioning from the original installment. All you have to do is line up four or more cropsies to get a SUPER cropsie.

Not in a line per se, but in a square (see right). Simple enough but so easy to forget. The levels aren't as bad as games of this nature go; however, I'm pretty sure the challenge factor will increase once I get to higher levels.

That said, its still an amazing game to play be it on the go or at home. It helps to have friends that play this as well since there are times when you lose track of things and realize that you're in dire need of extra lives.


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