Elite Dollz

I'm not what you call a fan of dress ups but there have been a select few that have captured my attention due to their atypical nature. The first dress up game played was Fashion Avenue Game which was more than dress up. You could shop for items to customize your avatar, pet, personal store as well as fashion district.

The basics of running a business as well as money management played a part. If you didn't manage funds well, then you would miss out on some pretty neat stuff. After some error filled trials later Elite Dollz came onto the radar.
Loading screen that comes after inbox screen.
Among the Elite
Wasn't sure what to think of the game since it was a mix of dress up and story. The first thing I wanted to do was explore the shops but discovered that no significant amount of shopping could be done.
My avatar

After completing the tutorial, you are left to your own devices. There is a storyline present which is a mixture of Q&A and dialogue. Based on current progress, the storyline is basically centering around individuals from a heavily connected background.

Your personalized avatar has but a single friend at the start that is more than willing to assist you with maneuvering around these individuals. There's one encounter you make on a couple of occasions with this girl that feels she's above everyone; even here trusty sidekicks that have an attitude similar to hers. Later you discover that Miss Attitude has a brother that is a little more tolerable than his sister.

Even more later you make an acquaintance with this guy while out and about. Next thing you know you two are actually dating; more or less. Not sure about the rest of the storyline because in order to progress through the game, you have to complete the associated missions.

These missions almost always involve adding new friends and or completing something within the game. I only had two and couldn't really find more to join because by this time the game updates were ceased. What I liked about this was the fact that they left the game up so it could still be played with the exception of the in-game purchases with actual cash.

Fashion Way (Mini-Games)
Not much attention was paid to the story progress during my initial gaming phase, but I did enjoy their mini-games. The main one are these scavenger hunt games where you have to locate items on the supplied list within a specified amount of time. The first round is always rocky but after that, they are pretty much a breeze.

It wasn't just the games per se but the background music that played during the games.

Furniture and Clothing Stores
The stores in general were filled with lots of amazing things; however, the prices were a bit ridiculous. They weren't even starter/beginner player friendly. From what I can recall, the only way to earn income was through the mini-games, watching videos and random jobs tasks that left as quickly as they came.

After 2-3 days of playing the games you should be able to purchase one of the nicer items in the shops for your avatar. Didn't really pay much attention to the furniture because the price for those were up there.

Completely forgot about this outfit. After a lot of rounds
of play, I finally saved up enough to purchase some items.
Of course at this time, I found some affordable items.
The Community
The forum is still active with participants who are still talking about the game from the time they first started playing to present. I've found out a lot of stuff from the posters about the game including the current status. It would've been nice if another game I played -- Fashion Avenue Game -- did the same so that people could continue to play.

Some gamers are still talking about it and its worth a try but ere on the side of caution especially when it comes to game missions and progress.


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