Despite the name, reviews and critiques from fellow players, Fashland is still a pretty good game to play to pass the time. I know I said this before but its a far cry from the days of being spoiled by games that granted loads of rewards and gifts. Does this game grant rewards and gifts?

Rewards and gifts are present in game but don't quite come at a frequent rate. Or at least not at the rate some were accustomed to. There are around 3-4 types of free fashion items that one can earn during play.

1) Marco Quests
These quests are also tagged as Seasonal Quests as most of the fashion items awarded are for a particular season and or specific event during the year. Though fun, there are times when the associated tasks are major misses as they involve too much of a particular errand; i.e. asking neighbors for stuff. These are okay to an extent however most players dislike it when these tasks are placed at the start.

Outside of being placed at the start, there are times when these tasks are placed back to back. That said, there are pleasant moments when Marco's Quests can be completed with ease with little to no frustrating points. If only these moments were more consistent.

To the left is an outfit I wore for one of the Fash Cup themes called Hawaiian Summer. The floral lei, coconut bra, grass hula skirt and flower shoes are a complete set that was rewarded from a past Seasonal Quest. The flower earrings, flower bracelet, ring chain on hand and arm band came from a separate and past Seasonal Quest that took place long after the hula outfit.

2) Mini Games
Another way to earn free fashion items. There are two mini games that alternate: BINGO and Slots. Of the two, Bingo is a favorite. Slots isn't high on my list or at least it isn't as high as it used to be due to the irk factor of getting everything but what you actually want.

From the pic, the towel and bag were won from a mini game. In addition to these items were: a swimsuit with colorful sarong, espadrilles and shades.

3) Mila Quests and 4) Leveling
Mila's role in the game is to play mentor. The other characters do the same but she surfaces quite a bit with helpful tips and rewards from accomplishing important tasks.  Mila surfaces when you start gaining experience and sometimes presents fashion items as gifts.

In addition to her, leveling alone can produce new fashion items as well; though not for every level.

Intriguing Features
For most every social game around, there are pros and cons. One of the PROs that this game has is its fashion competition known as the Fash Cup. Usually hearing about a competition of this nature presents excitement but soon after the first week or so, you start to wonder how this thing actually works.

There are themes provided to which we dress to in hopes of getting positive views. However; as of late, the logic behind the choices leaves much to be desired for majority of the live themes. To the left, is Fun Fair to which many identified a 1950s theme yet whenever you look at the results and fashion choices, no one comes close but get high votes because they are wearing an item from one of the fashion quests that paired said outfit with theme.

At the right is possibly the highest percentage I've gotten since my first participation in the Fash Cup. The only difference here is the Tiara Points of which I've never gone beyond 5. The Hawaiian theme outfit fits but there weren't many other items to pair so I went with beach appropriate attire.

I used to wear the scuba outfit and swimsuit with sarong but those didn't garner a lot of positive views; don't ask because even I don't know. Despite the headaches of trying to understand how things work in regards to competitions and the current mini games system, the game itself is still entertaining. There are a variety of fashion pieces, hairstyles, hair colors, makeup, eye colors, nail colors as well as skintones (both natural and out of this world) to go crazy with.


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