Nidia: Follow-up

Nidia is turning into a really nice game to play and I've only been playing for 8 or so days. Well, 6 or so days due to down time. Within that time I went from Level 1 to Level 82; would've been higher but was increasing EVO level.

My current EVO level is two (2) and I'm trying to hold out here for a while before going to EVO 3. The mechanics are easy to wrap your head around; however, some of the players tend to be a bit too competitive. Another story altogether and am happy I haven't run into any; yet.

Progress in the Past 2-Days
Sky Wardrobe Nidia Fashion
Sky Wardrobe
When gameplay resumed on the 16th I was only online for about 25 to 30 minutes. Within that time I got some experience and earned some much needed items. In addition to the daily rewards, I was able to earn a wardrobe item; i.e. Fashion Attire.

After activating the item, I earned Wardrobe EXP which was used to upgrade my Wardrobe (an actual closet) and received a boost in stats. At this point, my up coming milestone was within reach; reaching Level 80. Reaching 80 granted some much needed reward items at the time.

Come the following day, a rather intriguing discovery was made. Remember when I mentioned the Daily Quests and the corresponding rewards after reaching a specific milestone of points? From the looks of it, the rewards and quests grow with your character.

Just prior I was earning these items that were great for tending to 70 gear and now I'm getting items to help upgrade my rings. With that said, it could just be a matter of rotating items out or its actually a reward system that adapts to the character and their current level.

I was online for a lot longer than intended but was okay with that. The 18th was the second rolling day logged. The benefits experienced were the fact that I could go through the most time consuming tasks and get them out the way. Made new discoveries as well and experienced more joy with the AFK feature.
This was early this morning and not sure
transpired from then to this evening that
dropped it to 28K-something.

Not only that but I managed to max out one of my skills; the manual one. From the looks of the Task List I'm almost done with all the Daily Quests and just realized I wrote in past tense. What's needed now?

Talisman level is need of some serious TLC. So I'm heading to the Oasis to collect some and hopefully by next weeks time I'll have everything built up.

Upcoming Posts
There will be some posts coming next weekend about progress made in some games mentioned in prior posts. I haven't made up mind on which games exactly nor on how the posts themselves will go. Chances are the focus will be on overall progress made on games that are still currently played or possibly games I frequent most.

The weekend after next will be a 3-Day tribute of sorts to some favorite throwbacks from my gaming past. The games that will be featured weren't easy to select since there were so may that occupied my time back in the day from three different platforms.

As an added bonus/homage, there will be an honorable mentions section with each post.


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