It all started with Swords of Divinity. I was curious to see if the game play was different on another platform in comparison to R2 Games. Result: they are the same with one difference.

My character and Mercs were properly built up in the early stages. That was the main goal while visiting the site but that quickly changed when my eye caught another game that was featured: Nidia. The name was fairly intriguing so some exploration was done on the game page to see what it was about.

Very promising info. After breezing through the guide I went back and actually read each one more carefully. Fascinated, I decided to take the game for a test drive for 7 days to get a decent feel for all the game had to offer.

From then to now, the results weren't at all what I was expecting. Without further ado, the My Nidia Chronicles.

Day 1: 12.10.2016
Recently, I have started on old servers when starting up new games.Crystal Saga 2 was on an old server and SoD was on an old server. Some old servers are tagged as alpha/test servers which are often utilized to take new content for a test run before going live.

This time around, I started gameplay on a relatively new server on the East Coast as oppose to the West Coast with the other games. Like the others, there are warrior classes with male and female options. In Nidia there are Archers, Mages and Knights.

Breaking the mold, I became an Archer (F). There was a list of things to do but they weren't too bad because the Auto Path feature ensured I didn't get lost. A key observation that was noted was the fact that you leveled fast during the introduction missions.

Pic of Blazing Mount on loan for quest. My first mount was
unlocked around Level 27.
At the end of Day 1, my level went from 1 to 47 with a CP (Combat Power) of 4,318 within 1h 15min session. One of the key components as discussed in the guide is the importance of these items known as dragon rings; there are five. Depending on your progress, Colrath will be unlocked first and possibly on your first day; mine was on the Day 2.

Its costs 500K Bound Silver to activate and it provides a nice boost to CP. Colrath Ring requires five ring shards in order to be activated. The other four rings are Devalth, Dazenth, Gaia Double and Fel Drake.

In addition to rings and gear, mounts serve a purpose outside of getting you around faster. Mounts increase your stats which gives a boost to CP. At the start it will just boost ATK and ATK Effects. Mounts are upgraded using Mount Crystals and once they upgrade from Rank 1 to 2 their appearance will change.

Something that was noted toward end of session: there are four (4) currencies showcased on the screen. They are Silver, Bound Silver, Gold and Bound Gold.

Day 2: 12.11.2016
I logged on as a Level 47. After collecting some rewards, I became a 51. To top it off, I was able to activate Nevalth Ring; doable after signing in for two days.

Each ring has its own requirements for unlocking. Right now Nevalth is being worn since its stats are a bit higher than Colrath. The rings can be built up however there are level requirements attached.

My stats at start of Day 2.
I've obtained skills and learned some of the components of CP (determines strength). Skill building in Nidia isn't based on character leveling but on how often each skill gets used while fighting. For example, say you start off with a Level 1 skill and need 25 points to get it to Level 2. You will actually have to use the skill 25 times in order to increase its level.

Also learned that Wings are a feature in game and that they boost key stats. It was also discovered that there are times when new and better equipment is received which translates into a trip to the Forge. An info box appear and explain the need to Transfer old equipment stats to the newer one.

One of the top things that made my days as there wasn't a need to redo the process of 'enhancing'. Enhancing is Nidia's equivalent, or close to it, of enchanting but with a major difference. Enhancing Stones of all levels are utilized to upgrade gear to a specific plus (+) level.

Having all gear at the max + level for the current milestone grants bonuses. At the end of the day, all equipped items were at +4. With that in mind, there are Enhancement Stone requirements for each + level.

Gear with a level can be upgraded with L1, then later L2, L3, etc. If you have a bunch of low level stones, make use of the Combine feature in the Forge to get higher level stones; though be forewarned. The higher the level, the more difficult it will become.

I didn't notice this at first but caught it on Day 6. Failure to successfully combine high level stones (in this case L5) will cause them to disappear. At the moment the risk is worth it since there are sources that produce loads of material but later you may not want to take that chance.

There is an item that can be obtained from the Shop that will help increase the chances of success. In addition to the Combine feature, Construct and Recycle are some areas you'll be visiting on a daily basis within the Forge icon. Construct enables you to create items once you have all the needed materials.

You will be visiting this section a lot especially once you get to Level 60. This is where you are sent to make some of your Level 60 gear which is Purple quality. Material for making any level appropriate gear items can be found in the BOSS icon.

Defeat the BOSSes of your level, earn the needed materials. Sometimes you'll even be rewarded with gear itself after the battle. Probably should've mentioned this before but be sure to Sign In and Claim Rewards when they become available.

In middle of quest and prior to reaching +4 on gear.

Reaching certain milestones will highlight the Achievements box within the Character icon. Its basically another area to Claim Rewards once they're earned. You will come across a lot of features that aren't yet available due to strict pre-reqs; which I surprisingly like.

At this point, Devotions weren't a big deal because they didn't seem significant but saw that they were actually beneficial. This was very apparent and will touch on later. There's also a free run feel but there are settings that keep things inline.

Since I'm still in the 60 range, PVE is the only available feature. PVP doesn't unlock till somewhere in the 70s. In the pic you'll see my archer and just below her are four slots. There are for the Talisman, Dragon Pearl, Dragon Scale and Dragon Emblem/Soul items.

Each serves a purpose and has their own upgrade requirements. These requirements will either be easy to come by or a real pain depending on when you decide to engage in the earning activity. For me its the Dragon Pearl items (at the moment any way).

Since these items will be flying your way on the fly while fighting, don't close out the windows. If you're asked to use these items, click yes. They're not disappearing but heading to where they need to be to make your gaming life a little easier.

At the end of the day I was Level 65 with a 12,517 CP.

Days 3 & 4 -- 12.12-13.2016
There was some serious downtime in game during these days which came as a shocker. Devs and players were scrambling to find the solution to whatever the problem was that was causing the game not to load. Everyone helped where they could and even provided work-a-rounds.

Couldn't play so I read up on the guides. I even made a note to make use of the Guide section on the game site along with the Game Helper icon in game. The Guide gives an overview while the Helper breaks things down a little further.

Achievements also upgrade stats once the meter is full.

Day 5: 12.14.2016
An interesting day. Upgraded mount to Rank 3 and was introduced to Glowing Caverns. Its currently one of my favorite locations due to the drops of much needed materials and items.

There are Purple, Blue, Orange and Green Crystals in the Caverns. Purple, Blue and Orange don't respawn and have a high harvest count; the highest I've seen is 240. The Green Crystals respawn and have a harvest count of 3.

As stated in the tutorial and sneak peek icons, Wings become available at L70. You won't get them at 70 because there is a part two to the requirement: EVO 1. In addition to being L70, you will also need to be EVO 1 in order to activate the Wings feature.

That said, don't jump to EVO just yet. Wait till at least L74 and try not to spend a lot of Bound Silver on anything because those are needed as well. Let me try to explain.

There are two ways (that I know of) for obtaining EVO points: Character EXP/Level and EVO point orbs. When you are using your characters EXP/Level, you lose a level per point exchange. In addition to gaining EVO 1, I gained a Dragon Skill.

Each Dragon Skill upgrade requires these dark red stones called Potential. Potential is one of the driving points behind me highlighting the importance of completing Daily Dungeons daily. They drop key items needed for leveling gear; each upgrade boosts a specific stat.

In regards to mounts and wings, don't just upgrade. Training increase and boost stats which help increase character CP. Wings are Rank 2 and mount is still Rank 3.

Day 6: 12.15.2016
My first rolling day. I was still in game when Day 6 creeped around the corner. Best thing is I could sign in for the day without refreshing. Though it did mess me up in regards to Glowing Caverns mini quest.

If you know the location of where you want to go, use the quick links to get there. The long way just isn't worth it at times. Today was probably the first where I actually engaged in the Main Quests.

In fact, today was filled with loads of learning curves and experiences. Discovered Arena and that Arena Points are a type of currency in Shop. Took note of how some WILDS locations have better drops than others; i.e. frequent drops of needed items.

Participated in Glowing Caverns again and was able to nab a Blue Crystal; second time. While mining a very crucial discovery was made. Mining doesn't exempt you from attacks.

Another player can attack you and if you lose, the other player can harvest your find. Also, if a player starts mining a crystal and leaves, only they can finish the mining; very frustrating especially when the crystal is full.

Major accomplishments for the day: Completing all Devo Tasks, Fighting all Bosses, completing all Daily Dungeons and participating in Escort Chariot.

Milestones: Reaching EVO 2 and obtaining some L70 gear.

To the right is my current CP stats. Despite the Gem feature being available it wasn't yet unlocked (EVO 2 needed). These are the stats that make up one's Combat Power (CP).

Once EVO 3 is achieved, I will finally be able to upgrade my dragon rings.

Yeah, its a day short but a lot has taken place over such a short amount of time. Some key take a ways:
  • upgrade gear as soon as materials are available
  • upgrade and train wings and mount
  • complete all daily tasks including those DEVO related
  • AFK in wilds to gain items and skill experience
  • be on your guard while in PVP (non- Safe Zone) areas
  • Glowing Caverns is your friend until it turns PVP
  • Keep Auto checked
I pretty much slipped up with the pictures and was trying to document everything but lost track of things. I noted while playing the my characters appearance changed once I got L50 and 60 gear. There are plans to play on Day 7 (today) so hopefully I'll remember to take snapshots of things.


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