RPG Update: Progress

Close to completing set. My appearance is dependent on
the Breastplate piece. Each level has its own unique look.
There's still love for this game and lots of new things being learned everyday. One of the key things noted is that timing is everything when it comes to Glowing Caverns. Yes I'm fangirling - if you can call it that - about this area. There are different opportunities for earning various items in very handsome quantities.

Though to be honest, timing is everything for all of the events. A weeks time is enough to get a grasp of how things are handled in regards to knowing how much time you have till the next event starts and when the current one ends. Twilight Quarters, at the moment, is possibly one of those dungeons you should not do at your leisure.

This is one of the top sources of gems and gem dust for both paying and non-paying players alike. Once you enter, you have 30-minutes to defeat as many bosses as you can in order to get a chance at obtaining the ever elusive gems. I can do 3-4 BOSSes within this time frame while dedicating the remainder of the time to Gem Thieves (Gem Dust Drops).

To date, I've earned some much needed materials and am steadily upgrading their stats to help boost my CP (currently in 46K range). My armament consists of a mix of EVO 1 and EVO 2 pieces and one 70 piece (the Breastplate). The EVO 1 BP is next since the solution to my dilemma was right in my face.

Swords of Divinity
My character and her CP. The large number under the
screen name is the combined CP of you and your 2 mercs.
I'll be honest, this game hadn't been touched in a while since it was taken for a test run. Despite that, I'm actually glad that little break was taken because playing Nidia, the gameplay mechanics were a little easier to grasp.The iGameMore platform was used this time around to resume play.

My level is close to reaching 40 and I have managed to upgrade my mount to the point where it can actually join me in arena; that just blew my mind when this was discovered. In addition to that, the 100 tasked quest was completed within a single gaming session which shocked me when compared to another game's 100 tasked quest, which took up an entire excruciating week. Some needed materials were earned and new skills were unlocked; I just need to complete more quests to get access to the material needed to upgrade my character further.

There is a multiplayer event/dungeon that you need to complete for devo but its completely possible to do solo. That said, being in a group actually helps make things go a little smoother. Now to work on my gear.

Level 70 Gear: 5 Legends and 3 Standard.
A roller coaster of a game. From the start of my gameplay some years ago, I didn't even think it was possible yet alone achievable to obtain the stuff currently in my inventories. At the moment, I'm close to being eligible for Level 80 gear though it's slow going.

There was a massive merge that took place during my hiatus from the game that resulted in a whole lot of servers, including the one I started on (S283), merging together. Which also included the alpha server I'm currently playing on as a mage. Based on some posts made in the Forums, a lot things were said to be nerfed.

My BR is in the 500K range and I have:
     ~ 3 Purple Level Sylphs
     ~ 6 Main Eudaemon with a couple within each group
     ~ Several mounts both Standard and Special
     ~ A couple of new titles
     ~ A house

At the moment, work is being done on Knighthood though I'm sure if its the second or first one since there are now two types. Not as competitive as I was back in the early days but still enjoy a good bout as long as the opponent isn't the type to get overly dramatic. Some players are a bit too into the game and want to reduce all to ruin.

Round Up
I don't play Wartune as much as I used to, SoD is starting to gain momentum with each session and Nidia is like a rising star. Nidia has taken over as go to while SoD is a fallback. Wartune is still grand in itself but there's an awful lot taking place right now in game that's making it less user friendly.


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