Swords of Divinity

A relatively new game available through R2 Games and iGame More. While in search of a backup game to play outside of Wartune, this little gem caught my eye while browsing the forums. I was actually trying to go to another part of the forums when my mouse clicked on the banner.

Swords of Divinity
After the main loading screen you're tasked with selecting a character class to play as. Unlike the previous two games that were mentioned as being played on this platform, there's no gender options per class. Despite this, there are male and female characters that are evenly grouped to a specific class.

I chose to play as a 'Healer' which could be classified as a mage but a little different I guess. The Healer is female and carries a small harp. Her basic costume is simple yet elegant.
My character, the healer. You start off with a single skill but
but as you level, you get access to more skills.

Still a newbie as of today, Day 5 of gameplay. The pic above and below are from Day 1 gameplay. What I found most enjoyable is the quick pace of the intro missions which is set to Auto-Path; which I looove.

Even better, there's an AFK feature that allows you to participate in fights without having to clicking and button mash repeatedly. Since I multi-task while gaming, it helps to have this feature as things tend to slow when I have too much going at once. With Wartune, I AFK because lag keeps my commands from registering in a timely fashion.

With Swords of Divinity, my commands don't always register because my current browser window tends to go un-active. Upgrading stats and gear is still a work in progress since its a bit different from what I'm accustomed to but easy to work out.

Newest location where I'm still figuring things out; mainly how
to get rid of that bar below the Achievements icon.
There are mounts we're awarded with as we progress (early too) along with assistants called mercs. There are also guilds of which I'm still hunting for but will wait till my stats get built up some more. The Hide All/Other Players button is still a favorite as it keeps your eyes from crossing while you're hunting for specific NPCs.

Favorites So Far
Outside of no lag present, the auto-path feature and instant rewards after completing milestones. Icons are easy to spot but some are awkwardly placed on screen.

Battle system is nice and its really great to see at certain points you get extra help from other NPCs. For my chosen character, her mentor came to her aid more than once when she was just starting out.

Impressions So Far
I really like how this game is progressing thus far for me. Looking forward to more adventures and hope to provide an update on current progress.

Notes for Those Not in the Know
~ AFK is short hand for Away From Keyword.
~ R2Games.com and igamemore.com are housing grounds for SoD (at time of writing)


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