Spyro: Year of the Dragon - Demo (PSone)

First game demo played that didn't feel like a demo. Not sure if it was intentional or just something random but the game demo itself wasn't like any demo played up to this point. There were loads to do and since at the time I didn't have an expansive budget.

But Its Just a Demo
True it was just a demo but it was a highly engaging demo. The video clip showcases one of the top spots where I spent the bulk of my time. If my skateboard wasn't getting lost I was usually falling into inescapable locations.

When skateboarding wasn't being done then swimming was taking place. Though one of the kickers here was that there wasn't an end or a notice saying you need the full version to enjoy the game further followed by a kick back to the main screen where the rest of the demos waited. It just didn't happened.

There were countless hours played with this demo alone when compared to others. The only ones that add up in comparison in regards to time spent playing were the demos for Jak-X Combat Racing, Soul Calibur 3 and We Love Katamari.

Sou ka.
Well...it was a highlight or at least one of many highlights during my growing up years. Not only that this little guy has helped me a great deal on many an occasion in regards to major projects where we had to create informative booklets to showcase what we learned during the first session of the course. This is one of a handful of games that have not made it into my arsenal of games.

One can still hope. Even with the advent of next gen consoles, there still might be an opportunity to get this little gem for myself someday.


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