Old game that I keep going back to on and off. My first introduction to Stardoll was some years in the early 2000s. It was played on FB [Facebook] and there were lots to do in game to keep one occupied. It's for girls and boys alike.

Current Gameplay
After some time away from the game, my account was reduced to starter stage. Its understandable that they have to clean house every once in a while but still. So I started over, again, and found somethings have been added as well as taken away.

My Stardoll
With this recent restart I actually purchased a membership while getting Star Dollars; it was the first I made a purchase on the game. Star Dollars are special currency used to purchase "Premium" items. I used quotes because some items that are deemed premium don't exactly meet expectations majority of the time.

In addition to premiums, Star Dollars are also utilized to purchase makeup which can be a pain in itself since the prices aren't exactly consistent. That said, it is possible to obtain items to create flattering and unique outfits. This time around, my cash spending has been minimal - a real shocker - yet I still have a pretty decent wardrobe.

Not sure when this was introduced but there is a feature called the Academy where you go to this institution to learn about fashion and complete tasks in order to earn new wardrobe additions. Like most social games, this one can be a bit too social especially when it comes to tasks that require you to get help from fellow players or worse, participate in a feature that you don't have access to due to not meeting certain requirements.

I have a two-story living space this time along with functioning furniture. This includes a bathroom one of which I didn't have before during my previous game session before the restart. It's still a nice game to play to relax but unlike before, you have to do a lot of window shopping to find items you can actually wear at affordable prices.

The Run Down
There are two types of currencies: Standard (Starcoins) and Special (Star Dollars). You're rewarded with Starcoins daily from special tasks and check-ins. There are two ways to check-in and play the game which are through their FB (Facebook) page and standalone app page that is linked to your FB page.

The standalone app page is nice as it doesn't have the distracting side items located on the FB screen. That and there seems to be more features available with ease of access here as well. One of my favorite features/locations is the Beauty Parlor.

The Beauty Parlor is the place to go when you wish to change your avatar's hair, makeup and general appearance. Eye makeup, for me, is more fun when I make use of my drawing tablet. This is especially true in regards to eye shadow and eyeliner.

Though to be honest, it would be even more fun if there weren't limits in place for how much of each makeup type you can apply. Outside of makeup you can apply jewelry items that you purchased or made. Where can you make them you ask?

The Design Shop! Here you can make and design your own jewelry, clothes, accessories, furniture and home decor items. A lovely spot but the prices could use some work.
My Scene Feature. Installment 2 of the series where ever-
one is trying to figure out what's going on with my main
character. Staring Callie (black tunic) and KittyNekoSakura
(black cape) with me (the absentee).

The above is one of the perks when you want to do something different. I did the layout similar to some manga. KittyNekoSakura compiled the 3rd installment of which featured the 3 friends on a vacation resort where things didn't go quite as planned.

I'm preparing for a revisit to see what else can be done to create unique combos with what I have at my disposal. Still a great game to visit and revisit when you hit a creative corner you can't get yourself out of.


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