Chess and Mahjong Titans

When you have very little if any games at your disposal and the internet is out, you'll find some interesting games on your computer to play. For me it was the demo games that were installed along with the classic games I used to play back in the days of dial-up while waiting for a file to up/download. Spider Solitaire is still a favorite but I keep revisiting the Titans of Chess and Mahjong.

Chess? Mahjong? Titans?

Mahjong Titans
Mahjong Titans: Remnants of Fortress
Yes you heard correct. Chess and Mahjong Titans are games that came with my laptop and are quite interesting to play. My first introduction to these games was through my sister's computer who had similar games installed.

Mahjong Titans was the first of the titan games to be explored as my comfort level was pretty solid. It's a fun game to play if not challenging in itself. Each tile set houses it's own difficulties and care must be taken in order to successfully complete each tile group.

There's not exactly favorites among the tile layouts but I do find myself revisiting Fortress and Dragon on occasion. Sometimes I go for the others though that's usually dependent on my current boredom level. Jokes aside, Mahjong Titans is an interesting game that works great to disperse stress along with exercising your mind.

Chess Titans 1
Beginning Round: Me vs CPU
Chess on the other hand isn't as straight forward due to me not being fluent in gameplay. One of the reasons I adore Chess Titans so much is the fact that there is a live help guide to show you the way. That said, you still have to plan out your moves to keep from getting trapped by your virtual opponent.

The game was played so much that my skills in playing chess improved to the point where I could better plan out my moves in game. That said, I'm still dependent on the guide system. My gameplay is okay just not good.

Beginner and Intermediate levels are the ones I stick with even though I don't expect to win a match. When I do manage to win a match, I'm excited and savor it for as long as I can.

Where's the Bells and Whistles?

In the strategy and progress reports. Seriously though if you're looking for obvious in your bells and whistles these aren't the games for them. This isn't to say that they aren't present but more subtle in terms of appearance.

If you manage to succeed in beating a level or completing a round, you're greeted with a congratulatory message and a window showcasing your score, time along with your win-lose record. May not sound like much but it's better than nothing. All-in-all these games are worth the time spent to learn and play.

During stressful times these games came in handy as they wound me from my heavily wired day. Even if they're not your cup of tea, take some time and go for a test run. They're more entertaining than most give them credit for.


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