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A long time ago on a blogging platform some gigabytes away...

...a tribute post was made that focused on a social game called Fashion Avenue [Game]. There were
My avatar and pet for FA.
major props in terms of attractive items that were worth the price. Not only that but the special currency was part of the rewards systems and you could earn them from placing in the fashion competition of which everyone had a chance of placing regardless of level.

During the time I was looking for a secondary fashion outlet that matched up and some suggestions lead to Mall World Game. It wasn't new new per sé but still in its infancy. There were loads of fashion items with some matching up to Fashion Avenue (FA) standards.

FA had a series of stores from which players could shop for their avatar and pets. There was this one store, can't recall the name, that had these handbags that just went with everything. Two styles were available and they came in a variety of colors.

I bought every color available of both styles. Going shop crazy wasn't a big deal because there were various streams of income flowing in the game. From my personal store to the various district stores and buildings along with some of my neighbors' franchise stores - a neat feature where you invite your neighbors to build a branch of their own store in your fashion district.

Then and Now

My store with 5-yr Anniversary trophy.
A lot has changed over the years in regards to these two games. FA closed down which left many a player upset and wondering why it occurred. Mall World on the other hand is still thriving with new stores being added along with additional items for your avatar.

I stopped playing for a while but have recently made a revisit thanks to a conversation on the Fashland Game Page. Since that conversation I've made a semi-full return to the game and kept asking myself why I even left. Well the answer wasn't straight forward however the general reason pertained to a somewhat slow progress and distractions from outside the game.

Even with that said, the game has moved forward a great deal with various stores been added along with a somewhat unpleasant introduction to the new (to me) VIP system. In a nutshell, VIP is the red carpet, velvet curtain and 24K Gold Rose Petals treatment. An exaggeration perhaps?

Maybe, maybe not. From what I've seen during my recent return to the game warrants this view especially when compared to other supposedly VIP systems of other games. Mall World's VIP system is a genuine or at least an example of how a VIP system should look.

My Gameplay Progress

As mentioned prior, I'm revisiting the game after a long absence. Usually, revisits to games after a long break result in culture shock as the game atmosphere is gravely different when compared to your last visit. A prime example would be me revisiting Wartune after a long break only to discover upon return that all the cool headed, friendly players have dispersed.

Fortunately, this was not the case as the atmosphere was pretty much the same. Upon reentry I immediately began buying items to stock my store. Collecting Moxie Points were next as these increase your store's star rating which results in more customers and faster sales.

Once that was done, I made my way to the fashion show. Why enter a fashion show fresh out of a
long break? Well unlike some fashion themed games on the market, the playing field here is actually leveled.
I'm at the end. Daily Check-Ins grant nice rewards.

It may not look it at first glance, but the viewers know what they like and they know what combos work. As an example, my level is in the low 60s and often times I'm grouped with those in the mid-100s. Even when competing against high level players, my ranks are pretty decent with some 1st and 3rd scattered in the mix.

Another love is the Daily Rewards system that rewards special currency (Gold) in the latter part of the week if you check in regularly. On top of check-ins, placing high in the fashion show along with taking advantage of any and all gold earning opportunities is a sure fire way to get access to some high end items.

Major PROs with a CON or Two

Earning free stuff is an instant PRO.
Like my beloved Fashion Avenue Game, Mall World has a variety of ways for players to earn both standard and special currencies. There's a Daily Rewards system along with a variety of stores from which to shop including those of your in-game neighbors. You can design your shop the way want with little to no restrictions.

Regular players have access to two types of catalogues where just about everything is within a reasonable amount. You can send gifts in the form of store stock to your neighbors along with items from any and all collections you've unlocked in game. Yes, there are VIP only items such as access to the third catalogue along with VIP stores.

Though the VIP stuff sound like CONs, they're not that big a deal. One of the CONs that I've had a little issue with, is not seeing the source of some of the fashion items on display in the fashion show. There are some amazing pieces out there and yes there's an option to purchase on the spot but for those curious about the stores they're from, it's kind of an irritant.

It gets even more frustrating when you spend time looking through all the stores you have access to in order to find said items only for them to not surface. There are temporary fashion deals but those items will show as SOLD OUT if from a past event. The second irritant revolves around the energy system.

Not everything requires the use of energy but for the things that do, you really have to pay attention to the consumption amount. With the fashion show it's understandable however it's a little annoying when it comes to certain mini games. Even though there's a "café" to purchase items that recoup energy, the expense can grow rather quickly.

What More Could Be Shared? 

Let's see. We have discussed the mind blowing features of a simple at first glance social game that leaves players wanting more and more; which they get. You can customize your avatar, store, your friends' appearance for the Look Book and even your outfit items.

That's what I was forgetting! On top of the already glamorous experience of owning your own store, you can bring in outfits from Fashion Designer Game that you yourself have designed. The only catch is that you can't sell them in your store but are more than welcome to show them off in fashion shows.

I've designed a great deal of pieces since I returned to Mall World as visiting Fashion Designer grants a reward of 1 Gold but you have to go through Mall World and click on the pop-up box directing you to the other game. No worries as the game will open in a new tab. Follow through with the instructions and once you're done you'll be prompted with a window and a button that says Thanks.

Even when there are flukes I don't get upset because I'm having fun creating new pieces. Below is a pick of my Showroom where some of my creations are on display. Not everything is on display but this is just a snippet.

The blue dress was fun to make and was designed using three enlarged 3D ruffle details.

Me in my Fashion Designer Showroom. The Inventory list
displays what items are in stock for stocking my store.


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