Island Experiment (PC)

Island Experiment is more than just a social game but an actual experiment within itself (personal opinion). Don't get me wrong, this is a rather interesting game to say the least but it's a far cry from what I'm accustom to. This game has surfaced quite a bit during my various odd job tasks but avoided the game altogether.

How Did I Get Here?

Playing this game wasn't even on my itinerary but an opportunity to earn special currency for a game I play made it worth trying. Though the title of this section sounds like a bad or soon to be bad pun the answer is rather simple. I got to the game via another game while the characters in the game got to their location via plane.

Can't recall the exact specifics but do know the landing wasn't pleasant. After things settle down, you'll be introduced to a group of three scientists/explorers along with what they hope to accomplish while on the island. Though slow at first, you'll gradually start earning all the necessary items to help make your new environment more hospitable.

The Essentials

In the articles Wartune Overture and Overview I mentioned items that should be held on to no matter what. Same rule applies here. There are some missions at the start that require you to collect some berries for observation and analysis.

Don't sell a single one because you will need them for an upcoming mission. Sure you can gather more but your energy reserves might not be full. This isn't an energy bar per sé but for this game, your energy is food.

Possibly a no brainer but there's more layers than you think. At the beginning stages the only way to obtain food is to grow it and the only way to grow it is by gardening on designated plots. You're allotted three (3) plots overall which may not sound like much but after upgrading you'll be sustained till you're able to afford an automatic food supplier.

Since I'm still new, the only food generating item at my disposal is the field kitchen. You'll be tempted to not do any clearing as a means to save resources but you'll soon find that impossible as you will need an open spot to place your much needed buildings. As a heads up, be on the lookout for wild animals because when they appear the surrounding area will turn red and render any nearby structures and items useless till they are dealt with.

Another needed essential are coins which are needed to purchase: your garden plots, garden items, buildings along with materials that are made in your work areas. In addition to the standard coins are diamonds (special currency), Doubloons, Friendship coins, Native coins, Stamps (part of mission series), Luck Coins (part of a mission series) and other items that will likely surface during special events.

Before hitting Level 10, or at least for me, you'll encounter these items:
  • grass
  • bamboo
  • wood
  • berries (variety)
  • stones
  • metal blocks
  • metal clusters
  • water
  • shells
  • aloe (can't recall how I got it)
  • rope (from ferns)
  • shovels
  • yellow crystals
  • random items that sell for more than one coin
Keep all the above except the random items. At some point or other a mission will surface that will require one or more of each. It may sound strange considering you can just re-collect the items but when you're heavily limited on resources and funds, this will help maintain one's sanity.

What Are You Up To Exactly?

Just earning some coins in hopes of being better prepared for future tasks that call for items that need purchasing. I've been playing a little less than three weeks and have already participated in three major missions where some amazing items were earned. A good bit of these items generate coins every so often throughout the day and this has helped boost my earnings and production on the main island.

IE Little Garden
A little garden for me.
Though it took a while, a small little area has been carved out and turned into a little retreat of sorts. Not everything is cleared from this area but it looks pretty good. All I need now is my café from the shop and all should be set.

In the pic you'll see the little space I've carved out. The foggy items are items that haven't been cleared and or can't be touched. The fire statue fountain was one of the rewards earned from the super powers mission.

Another item that was earned from this mission was that little park in the back next to the fountain. I managed to get a third reward but that's located on the far end near the ice cream shaped building (a gift from a camping trip). Currently I'm working on collecting samples from this copper pointy rock near the ancient totem.

Still enjoying myself though it would be nice if I could finish the current mission in its entirety. Any way, I'll check back in with more info and pictures once I reach my next goal of Level 20. Till next time, keep gaming.


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