Tumble Tiles

It's been a while. The search for something new to play in addition to the other games that I play came to a halt for a while. Figured I try my hand at animation to see what my skills were like and the end result wasn't as expected.

To me, the finished product was a grand achievement but to others there was more to be done. Any who, that little experiment was interesting while it lasted even though it took a lot out of me. As a result a return was made to my other activities as a means of recuperating.

During the break several games were discovered of which are a joy to play as well as challenging. One of my new constant go to games from the group is Tumble Tiles.


Tumble Tiles Opening Screen
Opening Screen to the game
In general, match-3 games require the player to match at least three similar items in order to get points. Tumble Tiles is no different with the exception that you need at least two similar items in order to get points. That said, you're better off with matching like-items above the minimum so that you can score more points and here's why.

There is more to matching in this game than to just earn points. You're matching to earn power-ups so that you can meet your requirements for finishing the current level faster; which helps a lot especially for those stages with traps. My favorite aspect of the power-ups are... COMBOS!

The more power-ups you can activate, the more powerful the results. At the moment the clear row, column and circle thingy combo is my favorite as it will clear three rows and columns at once. Another favorite of power-ups is the fact that they don't use any of your moves which makes them a joy to use and not a pain.


Some game releases have a promising start but quickly turn into a nightmare. This of course is in regards to the difficulty and how gradually it's increased. In a past post, it was mentioned that some games go from zero to sixty within a couple of levels.

Here, the difficulty of the levels increase gradually plus there are break levels in the mix that act as breathers in between challenge levels. Another bonus are the tutorials that give a quick overview and leave the rest to you. Interacting with the game is pretty straight forward.

Level 81 3 of 4 power ups activated
Level 81 - 3 of 4 power ups activated.
I play on PC so not sure how it functions on mobile but the mechanics should be similar. Once you're presented with the gameboard, all you have to do is find at least two colors and then click on them. Clicking will cause them to disappear and you to earn points.

Just love it when I get a cluster of colors together because it speeds up the power bar enabling the power-ups faster. This tactic helps a lot especially when you have a limited amount of moves and lots of obstacles to clear. Those plants and ancient symbols obstacles are, at the moment, major pains.

Where to Play

I play online through a survey site but the game is available to play through the publisher's site, Arkadium, along with several other locations. It's a truly free to play game which at times can be difficult to locate. Really refreshing to say the least.

Despite functioning as a form of entertainment, it can also double as a form of brain exercise. It may not look it at first, but after a couple of rounds you'll start to see what I'm talking about.


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