Candy Crush Saga: Thinking Back

This is possibly one of the first games sampled some years ago that I played on FB. I would play almost daily and go through 10-15 levels in one sitting. Not sure what transpired but the game wasn't played as much for some time.

Several weeks ago while browsing my game collection and playing catch up with game requests, there was a request for assistance from the Candy Crush app. So I ventured over and clicked to see who was in need of what. While the game was loading the reason for the break from play was discovered.

Fortunately the hurdle was cleared and help provided. Nowadays visits are still made but maybe every other day is a Candy Crush marathon session. It took a while to get back into the swing of things especially since there were new features and additions to the game to make the experience more rewarding.

Picking Up Where I Left Off

It's been so long that I couldn't exactly recall my last save point. Fortunately this isn't one of those games that resets everything to zero after an elongated absence. Couldn't remember much but was glad the mechanics were the same.

A few seconds in and I was making combos and special candies to clear levels. This included a first  which involved matching two chocolate bonbons next to each to get a bonus; learned from Bejeweled 3. So far since my return, those respawning chocolate pieces are becoming a major pain especially when the board is separated into multiple parts.

The return has been fun but I haven't hit my stride yet and am still struggling with some of the stages. Despite being a first it's also one of the select few that has another installment of which I have yet to play. No worries though as I do plan to take the new installment for a test run in the near future it's just a matter of when.


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