Progress Report

I've been in a fog as of late but have been keeping track of things to an extent. Some months back a post was published about a potential expedition for a new game or games. The games that were being played at the time had daily limits where once a certain point was reached you were pretty much done for the day; especially if the remaining tasks involved asking fellow players for assistance.

Some games were tested but they weren't the long haul type during the first bout. That said, some interesting casual games were discovered of which I was quite thrilled with. Needless to say the search halted.

Despite the stall there was this one game that kept surfacing continuously while completing odd jobs online. It looked promising but every advertisement for it required a download to the phone which I knew I wasn't up for. Even with that in mind the game continued to surface with a special appearance in the 'earn free game currency' opportunity screen.

A Series of Mischievous Experiments

Garden Oasis in the works
Latest addition to design area. Got to love those big missions.
Island Experiment (IE for short) had a promising start though the mechanics took some getting used to. One of the things that got my attention almost immediately was the fact that leveling wasn't a dash to the finish/top. In fact, molasses moved faster than that experience bar during my infancy days; overall the game experience is okay.

Despite the creeper status of XP you weren't held back from gameplay. With each mission came much needed XP and coins which you will need a lot of as everything has a monetary value on your lovable not so little island. When my experience with IE was first shared, not much was taking place at the time since I was still fairly new.

Since then my level has increased somewhat but the major change since then is the increase in income. Before I was making a couple of hundred coins which wasn't much after completing crafting tasks and farming. Where did this increase come from you ask?

Expansive side missions! Not sure that's a good phrase but there are these missions that come along that take upwards to two or so weeks to complete (that's the time frame allotted) which after certain milestones are completed successfully will reward you with a souvenir of sorts that produce x-amount of coins after a certain amount of time passes. This number increases after you earn and implement the upgrade for said item if and when available.

Those are all great and dandy but the biggest achievement since then would be getting access to the land expanse next door. The area in question houses green crystal clusters, a giant spider statue and spider tomb. Not so far a way is a hut/shack that is owned by a character named Weiss of whom some players don't care for too much.

At the moment I'm still planning out my little dream garden if not floral fortress but I need more space, materials, workers, coins/diamonds and patience to get the project back up and running again. Hoping for a mission that grants workers as a reward after completing every milestone. I can dream can't I?

Be the Hero

Avalon, Vulcan, Ignis, Krista, Arachne, Galahad
Guild Dungeon with Titans & Heroes.
Wasn't expecting to get so immersed into the gameplay nor expecting all the other stuff that transpired during last check-in. From December 22, 2017 to present I've managed to get to Level 75 and collect 21 heroes. To top it off, my titan team has been upgraded to Level 31/32 with the highest in the group being Level 40.

Guild Life was okay at the start but it soon took an unpleasant turn after entry into Silver League. After Silver came Gold and after Gold came the door. I know cashing isn't the only way to play but the way some players go about it you would think it's the only way.

Main issue I had was getting stuck in dungeons along with not being able to pass areas that were passed before; but I digress. Waited some weeks till I was introduced to a guild that was designed for new comers. After joining, things became a little more manageable.

So, not much has changed in regards to Tower progress as I'm not making it past the 10-17 wins threshold. Still don't like how your resume level is based on the number of previous wins nor how you are forced to start from the beginning if you miss a day. Fortunately great strides were made in the arena territory as I've managed to get into the 800 rank if not 700 on my good days.

Campaigns have been slow since my characters still need building up so time is taken up with that along with raids for accumulating EXP potions and gear. Haven't quite wrapped my head around the group pairings for better dealing with opponents. On the other hand, I did discover that you can test out character pairings in the guild dungeon to see who fairs better against whom.

Possibly not ideal if you're aiming to earn some Titanite for daily tasks but at least you have some control over the environment. Stay on top of your heroes in regards to building stats, promotions and star status. The further up in levels you get, the more difficult and expensive it becomes.

Guns and Magic

Ideal Knight - Defense Support, Full Gear
It seems weird mentioning this game here since I never posted the article on said game but I recently ran into a snafu which resulted in back burner status. Guns and Magic is a MMO that I've played from December 3rd 2017 right up to early February 2018. To sum it up, it has a nice balance of things that one looks for in regards to building up character stats.

There's a slight learning curve but most of everything is easy to grasp. That said, you will need some patience in regards to leveling and building up your main and support characters. Yes there is a workaround that speeds things up; however, it's best to exercise patience and build your characters as much as you can before the next level increase.

This includes but isn't limited to:
  • Increasing character quality - green, blue, purple, orange, red
  • Upgrading support characters (healer, tank, melee) - 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star, etc.
  • Boost and upgrade gear
  • Upgrade bonus items - gems, pixies, special stones*, skills, runes, mounts, wings
  • Completing Daily Events - Daily Missions, Guide Book, Special Group Events
  • Upgrade and Maintain Mechs
I'm pretty sure there are other things but the farthest I've gotten in levels is 52 because I'm still building my characters' stats. In regards to the special stones, these are items that are earned and collected over the course of gameplay that are used to upgrade gear and or boost stats. There are different levels and purposes in regards to these stones along with varying quantities that are needed for each gear piece.

Also, you have three different currencies at your disposal: dimes - common, coupons - slightly common, and gold - rare (managed to earned 20 from a special group event). I forgot to mention this with the other games, but it helps to hit up the app page prior to entering the game because there are times when there are nifty gifts waiting to be claimed.

Short and Long of It

Three games seems fairly little but these are recent additions which I couldn't quite get off the ground. After a while some progress was made with each game even though there was a bit of a forced break for GnM. Hopefully I can the full version of the article up by the end of the week.

All the above have been played for around the same length of time. At one point I had to going simultaneously without a problem. Needless to say more work is needed with Hero Wars as well as Guns and Magic.

There's a plan in the works for next week that will be a bit different from what has been done in the past. The theme is unknown at the moment but hope the end result is likeable. Till next time keep gaming.


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