G4G Fashion Week: Before the Showcase

Gala Stories Workshop
Gala Stories Workshop: making preparations for the event.
This has been on my mind for some time but only in regards to a single game. I wanted to showcase a sampling of fashions that were available in game that players had access to that were beyond the constantly highlighted pieces in rant articles. Needless to say it didn't take off but the idea was still there.

While researching skincare products a promising link surfaced that sent me to this rather interesting site. Can't recall the name though it housed a plethora of articles relating to beauty, fashion show and fashion highlights. Having a fashion showcase would've made an interesting post but soon discovered a dilemma.

There's a multitude of fashions that serve unique purposes. Couple that with the decision to include more than one game in the showcase and you have yourself an event. So instead of a single post, there will be a series of posts highlighting different styles.

The Calm Before the Show

At the moment things are quite quiet in the workshop for the time being. Holding down the phones and scheduling is Ms. M to ensure nothing goes amiss. Meanwhile across town another helper/friend is running errands.

Every participant has their own unique style and approach to fashion. We'll be viewing models for the CGL (City Girl Life), Gala Stories, Fashland and Mall World fashion lines. Despite their different backgrounds, each model has their own unique sense of style.

City Girl Life, Fashland, Gala Stories, Mall World
CGL, Fashland, Gala Stories and Mall World models.

CGL is casual while sporting shades, a black/white large chevron print pointed hem sweater, medium wash flare jeans and black books. Fashland adores animal prints which shows with their matching top, handbag and boots. To break up the camouflage she wears gold hoops, a white jacket, bracelet, light wash ankle jeans plus pink headphones for a little splash.

Gala Stories isn't afraid to try new things especially when it comes to fashion. She's a bit edgy with her style and can often times be found donning lace trim tops, embellished bottoms, cropped jackets, booties along with a bag that goes with everything. From edgy to classy, Mall World stands out as being a lady of many hats.

Her attire consists of a spice button down sweater, black/spice plaid midi skirt, neutral boots, clutch, black gloves, graphic bracelet with matching necklace, simple drop earrings and baby's breath hair clips.


What more needs to be said? Our leading ladies are just warming up by giving us a taste of their style. We've viewed a mere sampling of what's to come in the following week.

Kinks are steadily getting ironed out in hopes of a flawless start. The showcase is scheduled to begin on Monday should no delays surface. See you there.

UPDATE: 03.12.18

There's been a change in scheduling. Fashion highlights will broadcast Wednesday and Friday.


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