G4G Fashion Week: Business, Casual & Sporty Style

As expected but hoping it wouldn't occur, there was a delay. So we had to get a little creative with the showcase but creating a video showcasing the models donning the attire of their respective fashion houses. The fashion showcase will be presented in a two part fashion with the first part featuring business, casual and sporty styles.

With the CGL sporty piece, you'll notice that the model is wearing a tee that says extra life. Well a while back it was suggested that the game devs should incorporate or do something related to the extra life event; as a means of giving players a break from all the crafting missions. Something was done alright but we still got crafting tasks.

Fortunately some money was raised for the event and some branded in-game merchandise rewarded. Now then, the fashions presented will be by category with each model representing the theme in their unique way. Hopefully the end result is likeable; just hope part two turns out better.

Without further ado, the fashion showcase!


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