Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic is a new (to me) massively multiplayer game that I've played from December 2017 to present and have risen in level from 0 to 52. It's an amazing game that takes key perks from past games and combines them into a likeable package. Key perks from other games include but aren't limited to a simplified gear system, stat boost from gems along with an obtainable upgrades system.

A Quick Brief

A lot has taken place since I first started my journey on December 3rd of 2017. There was some hesitation since there was a lot to take in and the tutorial very information loaded -- I know, bad grammar. Needless to say, the learning experience is quite fun.

Though fast pace, leveling is on the steady side. Meaning, there is no rushing through the levels by means of completing tasks. I mean there is experienced gained but not a whole lot; at first anyway.

Once you're done with the tutorials you are left to complete the missions and participate in the game as normal. It's a good thing the INs and OUTs were unknown to me or else I would've sped through everything. What does that mean you ask?

The Ideal Knight: 2-Star, Orange Grade Defense Support with
a fully enhanced Ancient Armor Set.
Well, since obtaining gear was slow going I utilized the down time between level specific tasks to gather gear for my team along with upgrade their quality.When it comes to my main, I can upgrade in accordance to my level and have gone from a 1-star hero to a 2-star hero; more on this later.

In addition to gear, the rank of my support team was increased as well. Based on my current progress my team can be upgraded from grey to orange status.

Supports are also categorized and range from 1- to 3-star levels. Or at least this is what I've seen thus far. There is no rush in switching out supports for higher quality ones as the resources needed to upgrade them are slow coming yet worth the wait.

Keep the Following in Mind

I've been on break so to speak from the game since its highly engaging and a bit difficult to tear away from. That said, there are some things you really need to keep in mind while playing. Save everything that you have and if you need to expand storage then do so.

At the start it will probably be just you with gear but don't rush into purchasing gear for the rest of your group because chances are high that you will earn free gear from dungeon runs if not from your main once they earn a powerful armor set. Check-in as often as you can as there are reward milestones for everyday (weekly) and every couple of days (monthly) that yield useful items. In addition, check inventory often for dime rewards as they are sometimes responsible for taking up inventory space.

Upgrade skills when able and participate in arena as often as possible. When you're not doing arena, keep your eyes peeled as there are moments when group events surface that grant stat bonuses upon successful completion. Participate in the Market during breaks in play but try to check-in as soon as the time is up for the current session; also go for items that are marked as recommended.

What to Expect From Gameplay

Like some of the other games that were reviewed in the past, there is an opening screen that gives you the option of starting the game as either a male or female which is followed by a name entry page. Your main will either be a swordsman or a marksman; there are no gender multiples for these groups (which surprisingly enough isn't a bad thing).

Once done, you are immediately immersed into the game with an opening intro/story of your characters purpose in the game. Every task you are assigned has auto navigation enabled which makes them a breeze to go through. You can go through through the missions till the mission window goes red which means you're not at the level minimum for completion.

My main hero with her second set of supports.
You'll start off as a white grade warrior that will gradually go up to orange grade as you progress through the game. My main is a 2-star purple grade marksman with a mix of fully enhanced Thunder and Ancient Armor pieces. The supports are orange grade at the 2-star level.

When it comes to supports, there are three types: melee, healer and tank. The tank is always in the front while you and the others are behind them. After you 50, you'll be granted a mech which will be positioned behind you within the formation.

There are substantial rewards to be had once you get into the swing of things. This is especially true when you participate in server wide events which include but aren't limited to:
  • Luxury Event - takes place on cruise ship or on the beach
  • Treasure Hunt 1 - track down pirates to retrieve stolen loot
  • Treasure Hunt 2 - locate and defeat up to 100 treasure seekers for max rewards
  • Robot Battle
  • Guild Battle
  • Guide Book Tasks - locate and defeat specific warriors for bonus items and stats
Haven't gone into the depths per se in regards to multiplayer channels but have discovered that fellow players of the game are quite friendly if not laid back. There's still a competitive atmosphere but not on a severe level; which is wonderful.

Determinant of Strength

Battle Rank will either make or break your team. BR is calculated on a group, rather than individual, level. That said you will still need to build up each individual team member as much as possible.

This mainly includes their: gear, grade (stars), quality (color status), level along with any and all bonus items. Bonus items include (based on my current progress) gems, pixies, mechs, mounts and runes. All of this items need to be built up to their maximum for the allotted milestone in order to an advantage over your upcoming opponents.

Based on my observation of arena matches, a good deal players have invested time into equipping gems and enhancing their level. That said, be sure to only equip gems that benefit each character; namely attack gems. Melee and healer characters benefit from the MATK gems while the main and defense/tank characters benefit from the PATK gem.

There are nine (9) gem types available. Of the nine, there are only seven that I'm currently familiar with.

Now What?

I failed to take adequate notes if any during the start of the game and for that I apologize. The game itself along with the fan base is truly something to marvel. Usually when a newcomer comes along, there's a bit of target practice that takes place.

No target practice here just good clean and sane fun. Every once in a while there's a promo event advertised on the games main page that welcomes all interested parties to join in on the fun. Not too long ago there was an event that required us to devise a gift for our friend(s) and share a pic of it which included our game name and server.

Guns and Magic is the first MMO that I've come across where the community isn't all gung-ho on winning every single thing. If a competition of sorts is taking place, the players are all good sports and often crack jokes with one another about the current event. Sounds too good to be true but that's what I've encountered so far.

Needless to say, it's a game worth taking for a spin.


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