Escape the Room (NG)

Discovered by accident while looking for medals on Newgrounds, I stumbled across this Escape the Room game. Not sure why, but puzzle games of this nature never really clicked well for me. That said, it seemed interesting so thought I would give it a go.

It was a dozy to be honest and it seemed like I was in that room forever till some clues finally clicked. When they clicked, I was a bit upset that they didn't click sooner and here's why. The game begins with a person coming to in an office of sorts.

The Scene

It's dark, the time is uncertain and the exit is currently in operable. So you are tasked with finding a means to get out of the room; time isn't a factor at this point so you basically take your time. Searching around you find a piece of paper but soon discovered that your character requires reading glasses.

After retrieving said glasses, you read the paper and search for more clues. Not getting anywhere, you explore the computer for any and all information that could lead to some handy intel on getting you out or what got you there in the first place. When done, you explore the drawers of the desk and find some interesting items that could be of some use.

From the computer area you can make out a vending machine across the room. Thinking there's food inside you venture over only to discover that it doesn't house food but medicine. Disappointed you wander around the room and get lost in your thoughts.

While wandering, you discover that the fuse box is within the room and decide to play electrician. Darn it all! Nothing connects, things are still dark and some how a pair of scissors found their way into your hands.

Back To Square One

You explore the chairs in the room and then you revisit the computer desk area. Nothing. While making your way from the desk you discover a waste bin.

It looked empty but upon closer inspection, you discover a piece of paper inside. Examining the paper you return to your search of the room. Upon reaching the vending area, a thought services: wonder what'll happen if I put this in here?

Wholly jelly beans some thing happened! Now what? Insert item code? I don't have a code!

So you play around with some combos in hopes that something will...well, you know. Finally something vended. Ooh! do I ... My scissors!

It's open! What to do with the trash.

*10 Minutes Later*

Needless to say I needed to do a refresh because things were currently at a stand still. While browsing some comments attached to said game I was a bit... Well the somewhat simple nature of escaping the room was pretty straight forward but it hadn't dawn on my at the time.

Despite the conundrum, I gave the game another go but this time I made progress in a short amount of time. That said I've yet to escape in under 2 minutes.


Everything above holds true with the exception of the keypad incident of which was dreamed as I didn't realize that my eyes closed during game play. A wonderful computer game which begs the question of how well one would do in a real life escape the room challenge? Well, my question got an unexpected yet entertaining answer while looking this up.

There are some places that host if not house game rooms where you and friends are tasked with escaping a room within a certain amount of time. While looking this up or rather just typing escape the room into the search bar, I got four results of escape room locations for my area with three being close to 17 minutes away while the fourth is a whopping 2 hours away. So if you encounter one of these escape room amusement areas near you and want to go with friends just make sure you are with friends that will actually assist in the escape efforts.

Sorry about that, but I encountered some memes that were using the escape room theme which involved friends or a friend finding an object of importance but only testing on a single item. Needless to say that friend gave up and wasn't up for trying again. So remember, have fun and keep a cool head.


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