Rekindled Interest: Hero Wars a Revisit

Guild Dungeon Run with Titans and Heroes
Sylva, Keira, Ignis, Angus, Galahad & Aurora.
To be honest, I was starting to lose interest in the game due to the over competitive nature of some players. Still reeling from the unpleasantness my gameplay went from multiplayer to single player. Everything that was done in game was without connection to others in it unless they had a question that no one else would answer.

Needless to say the Tower is still one of my least favorite attractions in game as it's a far cry from past experiences elsewhere. The experience with arenas has improved some what but care must be taken as not all is what it seems; especially when it comes to one hero players being in the mix. All was fine but events kept surfacing that called for guild membership in order to complete tasks that rewarded much needed resources.

So after who knows how long, the leap was made yet again.

Re-entering the Ranks and Upgrading

Nervousness was the name of the game as entry was made into the guild hall. All gave their greetings and I mine. Stayed on top of everything till one day I ran into a snafu and completely forgot to check into the guild dungeon.

Of all the things I could've forgotten this one vital task is forgotten. Holding my breath I waited but no complaints were made. Things went smoothly but then another issue surfaced: not enough sparks.

Outside of that, this new round of experience has been rather pleasant with the exception of running out of much needed materials. This issue is surfacing more and more where I'm either running out of gold or running out of sparks. The most recent disaster as of late is running out of glyphs.

There's just enough in inventory to do what I need but as the levels get higher the more difficult it becomes to keep pace. Since last time more heroes have been added to the line up but as mentioned in previous posts, my attention is on my older heroes. I'm two steps away from Orange status and it's taking a lot of patience, planning as well as restraint.

Hero Wars Currencies
Currencies at our disposal. Quite helpful when w/o gold.
Within my first post on Hero Wars I made mention of the various currencies that are at a players disposal. Of those discussed the currencies for the arenas (both basic and grand) will be sourced majority of the time for special equipment with friendship coins coming in second. I've resulted to saving up as much of these currencies as possible so that I can obtain much needed gear without having to spend an airship load of coins forging them together.

It was daunting at first but if you participate in the arena activities daily you will earn from placing high as well as for putting up a good defense. Outside of the arenas are Outland and Airship. Outlands is great as the only problem opponent is Brog as their fight tends to go well into the 2:00 time frame while the others take less time (for me anyway).

Airship isn't an issue but you will have to do some calculating to ensure you can get the full four missions in one go. It's not mandatory but it helps when you are short on time and need to allocate time elsewhere. I don't mind things upgrading but there are times when upgrades are done too fast.

An Arena Fit for Titans

About two or so weeks ago we were introduced to a new feature called Titan Arena. Unlike hero arenas, this particular arena lasts from Monday to Friday with Friday's arena session ending early. It's okay for the most part but you must keep the basics in mind when selecting your titans for each match.

The Raid feature was added to help speed up gaming sessions which is much needed for those of us who have a limited amount of time set aside for gameplay. Day time hours are most crucial as that's when the majority of activities take place; for my time zone at least. Monday - Friday calls for participation in Titan Arena (TA), Guild Wars and Dungeons before certain times.

As a note, don't expect to win every match in TA as some of your opponents will have built up titans. I'm still considered new as I've only been playing since December 2017 but the titans I have at my disposal are close to those who've been playing longer. How?

Special Events with focus on titan items - like potions, soul stones and large gold rewards. This along side the daily chests and giveaways that take place on the homepage add up. The rewards for Titan Arena participation are hefty too as the first week alone enabled me to upgrade two of my remaining titans to 3-star level.

Week 2 to present enabled the upgrading of my Level 30 titans so they could be close to 40. As an added bonus, the last titan event that was held enabled me to collect some super titan soul stones. The ending total brought me to the half-way mark and as an added bonus I was able to earn a super titan of my own through the summoning circle.

This is the second titan event since I've started where I was able to earn some titan stones. In case you were wondering, I did a lot of saving of emeralds since the first mentioning of Titan Arena as everyone was expecting an event to precede it. At the time we didn't know when so we prepared as much as we could.

Managing Managing Managing

As mentioned prior gold is a precious commodity in game as it is needed to upgrade hero skills, evolve heroes' star level, forging items, upgrading glyphs along with elemental gifts. All was well-ish till the intro of TA which calls for gold to be used to upgrade Titan Seals. One of the ways I've managed with gold shortages is to raid campaigns, sell off items along with tower runs.

At current it's a juggling fest where I have to weigh the alternatives of upgrading one thing over the other. Heroes have been on the back burner as of late but they are coming back into focus. Hoping for an event that rewards large sums of gold.

I'm not a gold waster because every spec of gold goes towards building up my characters. In fact shop items that cost gold are avoided. Still experimenting with approaches and hope to find some sort of balance.


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