Fashion Avenue Game

Even though the game is no longer live I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on the game that was called Fashion Avenue. This game could be located on Facebook under the link []. It was a fairly engaging game that put you at the center of your very own fashion empire.

You start out as a new comer and quickly rise in the ranks and popularity as you complete tasks presented by your mentors including one that was very rowdy. The game mechanics were simple and to the point which meant you could put all your focus on running your store, collecting from the shops in your fashion district as well as participate in fashion competitions.

This was me during a competition. The runway background wasn't the theme but an extra that could be used to boost our outfit. I went with a cyan and white color scheme. The outfit was composed of items from at least 3 to 4 different stores.
Your store was based on a stock system which meant you had to purchase x-amount of items to keep the racks and shelves filled for a certain amount of time. I was pretty good at this because we were only allotted around 9 delivery spaces at maximum. What I did was to ensure that I only had racks and displays that would hold 9 items total rather than a whole bunch.

There were a variety of clothing items you could sell and purchase. The smallest stock set consisted of five items while the largest consisted of nine-hundred and ninety-nine items which lasted around two or so days which meant you could focus on building stock so that once you ran out of items, all you would have to do is go to inventory and click on the display you want to restock.

Two types of structures were present. There were stores that you could collect income from once a certain time frame came (like 15min, 1hr, 12hrs, etc.) as well as purchase fashions. Then there were buildings that served decorative purposes but also could be collected from.

One of my favorite features of the game were the fashion district decorations that could be placed near buildings, including your store, to increase the amount of money they generated.

The Gifting System
One of my favorite gifting systems out of the FB games I've played to date. The gifts ranged from simple to useful. You could gift: clothes, stock items, buildings, district and store decorations, building supplies along with pet treats/food.

What was likable was that they kept your gift items separate from your actual inventory. Which was later discovered quite useful especially with missions that required you to use items that were gifted to you from your neighbors. Another bonus was that they didn't allow multiple fashion items and would alert you to this which left you with the option of selling the extras.

Can't remember if I was doing kawaii or harajuku. Anyway the dress came from a costume store that was released during the month of October. The stockings and shoes are also from said store. The earrings are from a spring release store, the purse and hair clip are from one of the high end stores, the bow belt is from the V-Day store, the bracelet is from a beach store while the star necklace is from the rock 'n roll store.
Lots of Fashions
There were loads of fashions available from a variety of stores. Even if you didn't have the store built, you could still purchase but only a small amount of items. Better yet was that you could purchase fashions that you took a liking to from participants in the fashion competition.

It was such an engaging game that had a variety of different elements with something for everyone. The background music, to me, was amazing for both district and personal store view. Every week brought with it a new series of releases.

I managed to generate around 5 mil+ in common in-game currency. After spending I had around 2.7mil. Special currency, credits, was around 15 and that was earned from placing in the high tier of the fashion competition.

The game is still missed by players. Despite all the other fashion games out there this one was very different. Hopefully it will make another appearance in the future but as far as we can tell, the developers don't seem to have plans of bringing it back; maybe they'll change their mind.

Me in a princess ball gown with my pet Scout. He's a service dog, hence the backpack and bandanna.


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