There's already loads of stuff on the internet circuit about this game so I'll keep it brief. First off, don't believe those ill advised ads that portray the game as an adults only type; its extremely far from the truth.

Wartune is an MMO that is hosted by a variety of sites including Facebook. There are three classes of heroes of whom you can play as: Archer, Knight and Mage. There are male and female options available.

There is a bit of a storyline present in solo mode which often times gets interrupted when the next "chapter" per se has a character level requirement. There are multiplayer events present which are like battles in themselves because participants tend to be a bit picky with who they let join.

Girls and guys play this game and both are just as competitive as the other. There's no special treatment because the girl players, as well as the NPCs, are just as bad as the guys in a match. A nice game to play regardless if you're a casher or not.

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