Fashion Cup

When compared to its predecessor, Fashion Cup is like an improvement that many have requested for the PC version found on Facebook. My gaming session began in late November 2013 and suggestions began getting posted on their old forums during mid 2014. Well, that's when I discovered the forum and started contributing.

To roughly sum things up from the old forum posts, there have been requests revolving around:
  • new outfits at affordable prices
  • complete/matching jewelry sets
  • expanded fashion selections for each category
  • more hairstyles
  • more color options for makeup, hair and fashion items
  • a leveled playing field for Fash Cup
  • a better/painless way to obtain BINGO/Slot Fashion Pieces

World of Fashion
Seasonal Chest for the Week of Jan 4th. Won 4 SCs from
completing tasks. Items received are random.
Didn't really have much intention of playing the game but during a visit to see family minus my laptop, I felt it necessary to to give it a go. Game pluses were surfacing left and right. Its like they took some of the suggestions along with the best features of established games and composed Fashion Cup.

The introduction and main game screen took me back to Fashion Avenue Game where we had a home base along with different venues to shop from. Depending on your accomplishments in game, certain stores will automatically unlock. From what I can tell, the objective is to standout in the fashion scene by increasing your wardrobes fashionable worth.

Features and Experience
I've been playing less than a week. In fact my first session started on December 31st. One of the first things that caught my eye was how leveled the playing field is.

Currency in game is referred to as Banknotes and like the PC version Diamonds are also in place as a type of currency. So far majority of the items I've encountered cost Banknotes which is a very good thing. Another likeness is the ability to obtain free and special wardrobe additions.

I'm on the left. This is a round in Fashion Arena. Unlike
Fash Cup, your odds of winning is dependent on the value
of your wardrobe and your participation in game.
Can't tell you how much I enjoy the pain free way of obtaining these items. Not just these items but the fashion items and extras in general. There are four types of chests: Rose, Silver, Gold and Seasonal.

Gold and Seasonal contain top value items while Rose and Silver contain mid value. Regardless of value, the items are very much welcomed. In addition to fashion we can obtain hair, eye colors, eye styles along with makeup.

What Would Make It Better?
Many games have room for improvement but this particular one didn't seem to need improving; at first anyway. As enjoyable as it is I couldn't help but get a sense of déjà vu. There are daily gifts which are always welcomed along with various color options for some of the available fashions.

So what could possibly make this game better than it currently is? For starters, it would be awesome of the outfits, hair, eye colors and makeup palettes were made available for its PC counterpart. Even better, a way to play it on PC.

Don't get me wrong, the app makes things wonderfully accessible however there are times when its best to utilize a computer due to unwanted issues surfacing at the worst possible moments. Syncing the app wardrobe with our own online PC wardrobe would make things quite nice but that would take a lot of work and I'm sure a lot of players aren't up for downtime.


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