Hunting for Games

Sims 3 Charie (PC)
This little blog stemmed from a full fledged article that focused on some games I took interest in at the time. They were played regularly and took up a good chunk of time due to the various in game features. From that small list to what's here now is pretty interesting and shocking to say the least.

From throwbacks to somewhat new releases, the list has a little bit of everything. Console games haven't been played in a while and now that I want to give them another whirl I can't because my controller has mysteriously disappeared. So PC and FB [Facebook] games have started to fill this little void to an extent; some of the FB titles played are starting to lose touch with it's players.

As of recent, my attention has turned to mobile games which is pretty much hit or miss. You browse till you find a promising game then discover literally within minutes that's it not what it's cracked up to be. I've actually brought myself to delete the games that were on my phone (a very difficult task) to make way for this new one called Fashion Cup.
Fashland Avatar (FB)

It was essentially supposed to be an extension of the popular FB game Fashland but the game's sole focus is the beloved Fash Cup. When compared side by side, Fashion Cup is better in terms of there being a single currency for buying stuff which makes getting amazing items less stressful. That said, those amazing features that are getting released to the mobile game are releases that were suggested by players to be released for the FB game; well, you can't get everything.

I could really do without getting kicked from the game even after updating but chances are that my phone may not be up to par. So I took a break and discovered that there was another installment of a past game that was just released, part 3 in fact, called Bubble Witch Saga 3 (or Bubble Witch 3 Saga). Compared to its predecessors, its a little less mind numbing when it comes to making impossible shots; the aim line was extended.

As an added bonus, you can customize the look of Stella's home and surrounding items on her property to suit your tastes. Not only that, but you now have a freebie bonus of obtaining a helper bubble from your kitty friend Nero after filling his hat with bubble energy. These helper bubbles along with booster bubbles help make your gaming experiences less of headache and more addicting than ever.

Shirley in Dragoon form, Legend of Dragoon. (PSone)
What Now?
Well I'm looking for something new that I can play on my available devices that won't cause things to run amuck should certain specs not make the cut. The hunt started some days ago and interest further peaked while browsing videos on YouTube. For now, I'm settling on throwbacks (past games from way back when) till something new comes up.


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