Coco Girl

It's been a long while since Fashion Avenue game. The first in a long line of fashion games that was a joy to play due to the balance of elements. During the initial start up phase, you can customize your avatar however you want with no limitations and with whatever items are showcased on the screen; which was fun because a lot of those items cost special currency.

Not only that but there were multiple ways in which to earn income and in large sums. You could change eye color, eye appearance, eyebrows, hair, etc. The fashion competition was leveled as everyone -- both new and long standing players -- had an equal chance of placing.

When the announcement came that they were closing the game many were upset. Try as I might, there wasn't another game out there that came even close to this in terms of actually giving players all that they could ever want and need in a game of this type without the hoop jumping. Then this game came into view.

Enter the Coco Girl

Silly me didn't take any pictures of my game progress.
But these are the cover girls for the game courtesy of
the Coco Girl fan page.
Not sure how much time passed before this game was found but I sure was glad it surfaced in my search when it did. Much like Fashion Avenue, you can customize your avatar however you like using the bountiful selections. From skin tones to various hair lengths, there are loads of possibilities for creating a unique character.

Makeup, hair and eye color were the biggest draw followed by clothes shopping. However; in order to do shopping of any kind, you will need currency. In this case, the in-game currency is called Rubies (like the gemstone) - standard currency.

What I love about the Rubies currency is that there are multiple ways in which to earn them; major relief. There's special currency as well but fortunately the available items are of equal value - appearance wise - so it's not like some other games that save up all the descent looking stuff for purchase with special currency. Not only that but the daily look challenges are actually fun as well as engaging.

Your outfit rating is based on how well you pull together a look be it casual or night out on the town. If you're looking for a little extra flair, you can change up the background and dress accordingly. No worries about losing that amazing look you created because all looks are store in the look book; not entirely sure of time frame the pictures are archived for.

In addition to the basic daily look is the themed daily look in which you are given a theme with which to create a look that comes as close as possible to being appropriate for the occasion at hand. As an example, the tennis court theme called for an outfit that consisted of sports clothes, shoes, visor, shades, gym bag and a tennis racket I got from the mini games store.

Mini Games and More

Mini Games Elusive Treasures collection. Represented by
the fun wheel, this is one of the hidden object game maps.
Daily Check-ins, daily mission participation, fashion showcase and mini games are just some of the ways one can earn Rubies. The mini games are one of my favorite tasks for earning because they are fun and engaging. That and they seem to double as brain exercises; especially the wheel spin game.

The fashion showcase is where your imagination can run wild. Create numerous pieces for all to view and let them decide which one they like best. For this, it really does help to have an expansive wardrobe as you can't utilize an item more than once; a nice little challenge in itself.

Daily Missions offers lots of incentives for completing tasks and encourages interaction in game by showing you what other players are up to on the fashion scene; game-wise anyway. Not only that but you may find answers to your pressing fashion questions. Like that time I bought a blouse but had no idea what to pair it with.

Heart Currency - Turquoise
Each completed mission, fashion showcase entry (part of the daily missions) and mini game offers up Rubies as rewards; in a decent sum at that. Check-ins also yield this lovely currency and if you check-in enough you could get a chance to earn a special surprise on the last day; which varies. Out side of Rubies and special currency, there are some additional minor currencies that surface in the stores that are needed in addition to standard currency.

These additional minor currencies are called Hearts and come in different colors. These colorful gems aren't handed to you per sé but are easy to obtain once specific criteria is met. Hence the importance of daily mission participation and other in-game activities.

Are You Sure This Game is Good?

To me, the game is like a breath of fresh air. I still miss the days of yore when Fashion Avenue was active and filled with all these features that made gaming fun from both a social and solo game view. You aren't pressured to add friends in order to progress in game which is a bonus for me; even though it helps to have them around for some of the special quests if you choose to participate in them.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Much like the aforementioned Fashion Avenue, the game is no more. Yes this beloved game of wonderfulness has vanished into the depths of terror. It's a shame really.

Yes there are fashion games similar to these but none come close to them because they offered players loads of amazing items. Guess it wasn't meant to be.


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