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Marketland, like Fash and Cafeland, are all developed by the Gamegos company. Similar to Cafeland in the aspect that you earn special currency from leveling up as well as completing select tasks that offer it as a reward. Similar to Fashland in the sense that you have various products from which to showcase.
My Store

Simple at the Start

When you first start playing, you have a small store from which to build from the ground up; sort of. There are quests to help kick things off so that you can get a feel for the gaming environment and what to expect after each milestone. Unbeknownst at the time when I first started playing, its best not to rush certain things like expanding and adding all these things in a massive dump.

Starting point. Small and very manageable store.
Curious to see where I went wrong, I started over via an alt. Things became clear rather quickly especially in regards to what was mentioned prior. I didn't speed through things and tackled all the quests when they became available.

Expansions didn't take place till the maximum customer capacity was reached; which is something I didn't do the first time. It made a major difference in how things panned out from then on. After figuring out the solution, I tried to emulate it with my main account as best I could.

Play and Learn

One of the top things that were discovered is that you have to have an understanding of the delivery times along with delivery cushions when placing orders. Cushions are basically when you have some time to spare before your products get damaged in the shipping process. Though a pet peeve at the moment is the fact that there are certain quests that require you to buy products that cost special currency; namely those products that are needed to complete the daily E-Commerce Machine tasks.

Starting over isn't an easy thing to do with this game as it is a serious struggle. Not just this game, but the other -land games. This is really the first game where things aren't easy-peachy as some others that were played over the years.

Though another noted feature that I still haven't gotten accustomed to is the earnings system. Yes there are some that prefer this single focus but there are others that like variety in the form of earning from different sources. Care needs to be taken while playing to ensure your funds aren't spent up which occurs rather quickly when you're in the process of stocking your store.

Decorating is a luxury that needs to be indulged in sparingly because a lot of the decorations' prices are on the high side of things especially with the new themed additions. It's possible to overlook but even the non-decorating obsessed me gets bored with the look of things.

Making Your Own Fun

There are times when things don't go exactly as you would like and need to pass the time till things get right side up again. Like that time I was stocking my store and didn't keep an eye on the cash pot. Spent a lot and had to go on standby for a while with my store opened in hopes that the money would find its way back; it also helps to have neighbors to send you stock items.

So far, my store has been rearranged to look a little whimsical with the aisles and displays in fun patterns; an attempt any way. Aside from that, my store workers have received makeovers on multiple occasions with the latest being a recreation of an anime character.

Best Practices

Keep up with the missions in the side bar as majority often have valuable resources/items as rewards. There are also some seasonal or bi-weekly missions that surface that usually have chain rewards after every few tasks. At this point it's good to have some neighbors on hand as most of the missions require the sending of requests.

Showcase of some delivery times.
Even if your friends aren't big on the game, just request that they at least check-in every once in a while to answer your messages and possibly sign on to actually play once or twice a week. Now in regards to stocking, you really need to assess the amount of time you have on hand at the moment. Depending on the time you plan on being in game, you need to select items whose delivery falls within that time frame so that you won't have to worry about them getting damaged during shipping.

Since you can close your shop, it's best to close things down so that you can fully stock up the store. The shortest delivery time for products range from one minute to one hour. The longest delivery time varies greatly between all products with some going "low" as 12 hours and others going upwards to 2-days.

Going to be online for a while? Go for the short delivery times to stock up fast. Once your store is stocked, go back and place orders for large quantities so that they'll be ready once the current stock sells out. One of my favorite delivery times is 12-hours because calculating the estimated delivery is quick.

Anything Else?

Why yes there is. Don't rush through the leveling process. It was discovered during the restart that there was a cushion in place that granted some leave way in terms of damaged products.

Between the levels of 1 and 24, your items will be refreshed automatically should you forget to sign back on to deliver them. This I enjoyed immensely during the restart. Bottom line with this and the other Gamegos games is to make the most of everything and enjoy yourself.


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