Summer Festival

Opening Screen
 Just started playing and already liking what I see. Summer Festival is a Match 3 game with a tea party-like theme. Like other games of this nature, your goal is to make matches and complete the stated objective(s) in order for the game level to be seen as complete.

Every couple of levels are so, you'll receive a reward in the form of a decorative item for your little tea table. There is currency in game with the main being coins. These can be used to play the Fortune Wheel game along with make purchases from the little shop.

It's best to wait in regards to shopping, because there are some nice items waiting in the shadows and it helps to have a decorating plan.

Game Play

Game Screen for moving cakes.
When you first start playing there is a quick and to the point tutorial that instructs game play. You are shown how to make matches and matches that count for a lot of points. As you progress in the game, you'll discover new gaming elements.

So far I've played with filling tea cups, making tea pots, clearing trays, converting berries to jam and moving cakes. Matching up cups is straight forward along with filling them with tea. Once they're filled with tea, they become row/column clearing bonus items; keep your eye on the arrows around the cup.

4-matches will get you a tea filled cup while 5 will grant you with a teapot. If I'm understanding this correctly, clicking on the teapot and any cup within range will clear the board of said cups. This clearing of cups will translate into points which will go toward your star rating.

At this point in time, Summer Festival is one of those games where I don't mind starting over a particular level. Keep in mind I said at this point in time because this is solely based on the early stages of the game. The ropes are still being learned but hope to grasp the mechanics better.

Thoughts So Far

An amazing game with eye catching graphics. From the looks of things, it is fairly new to the scene with a nice start to the player base; about ten thousand during last check-in. Fairly addicting so keep your eye on the clock so you don't lose hours while playing.


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