G4G Fashion Week: Beach/Poolside Style w/A Blast from the Past

What a way to end the week. Within Part 2 of G4G Fashion Week we'll see styles that fall into the categories of Evening Wear, Pool and Beach plus a tribute of sorts to past fashions. Whether you like them or not, legwarmers will be featured.

As before, each model will showcase a custom look to fit the specified theme. Toward the end, they'll pick one of their favorite looks to sign off with.

Model History

As noted in Part 1, some of the models take part different activities that award different items. CGL is one of the ones that got to taste the good life in the early days of her fashion house as they were constantly looking for new fashion ideas and inspirations. To test the waters of a traveling model/researcher, they sent one of their leading ladies to Venice, Italy.

When CGL isn't traveling abroad for work, she kicks back and relaxes the only she knows how for as long as she can. When word gets out that she's home, her friends flood her voicemail with requests for assistance. Fashland on the other hand makes sure that her friends have an understanding of her schedule as she runs a boutique along side her modeling job.

Gala Stories Completed Renovation
After some sweat and tears, she managed to complete the reno
thanks to a patient instructor at the hardware store.
Fashland is a bit of a workaholic which is why her fashion contacts are constantly dropping in to tear her away from the hustle and bustle. Plus she is extremely difficult to keep up with if not difficult to catch. Gala Stories is always on the run completing jobs for various clients across the globe. 
Surprisingly enough, she was able to carve out some time to visit the stomping grounds of her fashionable predecessor and clean up a mess that was left by an unpleasant rival. Not only that, but she learned several DIY skills which were utilized to set up her fashion stand at a fashion show, repair a broken oven at a bakery, install a stylist chair at a salon along with renovate her new home. Mall World keeps it calm even though she's just as much of a workaholic as everyone else.

She owns and runs a three story shop and designs various eye catching fashion items. When she's not shopping for her stores, she's shopping for herself and isn't afraid to get carried away.
Rock Star Look
Rock Your Style


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