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Hero Wars

Have you heard of the following?
PvEPvPAoEATK [various]DEF [various]HPBlockCritAFKClassGearStatus/RankBuildTankSupportHealer If you've played an online game with a cast of characters with varying skills, abilities and backstories I'm sure the above list will be familiar to you one way or another. The first game that was played with a focus on character build and gear was Legend of Dragoon. Yes this is a console game from way back but it was the only thing that came to mind as being a first.

Some years down the road I was introduced to Wartune through Facebook but some how wound up on R2 Games. This was a different environment in itself and not one I was completely used to. After some tutelage from some friendly players along with my guild mates, the game became a slight breeze to play.

Crystal Saga, Swords of Divinity and Nidia were played for a while as well. After a while a break was taken and I went back to play some casual games. While browsing and playing some games, I cam…

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