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Island Experiment (PC)

Island Experiment is more than just a social game but an actual experiment within itself (personal opinion). Don't get me wrong, this is a rather interesting game to say the least but it's a far cry from what I'm accustom to. This game has surfaced quite a bit during my various odd job tasks but avoided the game altogether.

How Did I Get Here? Playing this game wasn't even on my itinerary but an opportunity to earn special currency for a game I play made it worth trying. Though the title of this section sounds like a bad or soon to be bad pun the answer is rather simple. I got to the game via another game while the characters in the game got to their location via plane.

Can't recall the exact specifics but do know the landing wasn't pleasant. After things settle down, you'll be introduced to a group of three scientists/explorers along with what they hope to accomplish while on the island. Though slow at first, you'll gradually start earning all the nece…

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