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Fashion Designer Game

It all started with Mall World Game. During the early days of my gaming, there was this feature where if you watched videos your ordered products will be delivered instantly. These videos in question were relevant to the game and young gamer friendly.

Focus of the videos revolved around this game called Fashion Designer. It was intriguing to say the least but to be sure I kept ordering and watching till it clicked. Soon after an adventure was launched to see what this game was all about.

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista As the name implies, it's a game that revolves around designing outfits. Now the idea of just designing outfits sounds boring especially for those looking for a little something extra; even if they haven't picked up the game yet. The objective of Fashion Designer is similar to MW [Mall World] as you are tasked with servicing clients by fulfilling their order(s).

Depending on your level, you will have a list of jobs from different clients of which need to be met. …

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