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Progress Report

I've been in a fog as of late but have been keeping track of things to an extent. Some months back a post was published about a potential expedition for a new game or games. The games that were being played at the time had daily limits where once a certain point was reached you were pretty much done for the day; especially if the remaining tasks involved asking fellow players for assistance.

Some games were tested but they weren't the long haul type during the first bout. That said, some interesting casual games were discovered of which I was quite thrilled with. Needless to say the search halted.

Despite the stall there was this one game that kept surfacing continuously while completing odd jobs online. It looked promising but every advertisement for it required a download to the phone which I knew I wasn't up for. Even with that in mind the game continued to surface with a special appearance in the 'earn free game currency' opportunity screen.

A Series of Mischie…

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