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Mall World Game

A long time ago on a blogging platform some gigabytes away...

...a tribute post was made that focused on a social game called Fashion Avenue [Game]. There were
major props in terms of attractive items that were worth the price. Not only that but the special currency was part of the rewards systems and you could earn them from placing in the fashion competition of which everyone had a chance of placing regardless of level.

During the time I was looking for a secondary fashion outlet that matched up and some suggestions lead to Mall World Game. It wasn't new new per sé but still in its infancy. There were loads of fashion items with some matching up to Fashion Avenue (FA) standards.

FA had a series of stores from which players could shop for their avatar and pets. There was this one store, can't recall the name, that had these handbags that just went with everything. Two styles were available and they came in a variety of colors.

I bought every color available of both styles. G…

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